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How Can You Improve Your Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Training?

Healthcare training and pharmaceutical training is more important than ever, as the challenge of an aging population and new diseases make having a skilled, up-to-date workforce critical.

We have worked with top healthcare and pharmaceutical companies. As a trusted partner, we have had the opportunity to work side-by-side to overcome the challenges of meeting regulatory requirements, rapid employee re-skill to service new products, and improved leadership performance in the face of adversity. 

Overcome the challenges of meeting regulatory requirements, rapid employee re-skill to service new products, and improve leadership performance in the face of adversity.


Your organization faces several issues today:

  • EMR - Electronic Medical Records Training 
  • Epic Software Training
  • New Product Launches
  • New Technology Innovation
  • HIPPA Training
  • Regulatory (ICD-10, Healthcare Reform, NCQA, HIPPA)
  • Member/Patient Satisfaction
  • Service Innovation (Health & Wellness, Remote Care)
  • Quality Improvement (Call Center Service Improvement)
  • Develop Strong Customer Relationships (Internal Clients, Brokers)
  • Leadership Development
  • Annual and Open Enrollment Periods

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are constantly innovating. Changes in technology, processes, and procedures mean that to keep current, industry professionals have to re-skill and up-skill to comply with the strict regulations in these fields. In such a fast-paced environment with a complex subject matter, training can be a challenge. From Hospital Administrators to NGO Workers to Researchers to Informatics Nurse Specialists to Clinical Analysts and more TrainingFolks can customize the right training solution to meet learner needs based on specific occupational requirements.

Compliance and Risk Training For Healthcare Professionals



According to the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association (NHCAA), healthcare fraud financial losses are in the tens of billions of dollars each year. In 2013, The US HHS and The Department of Justice recovered more than $4.3 billion in healthcare fraud and abuse.

Is your current healthcare compliance training process achieving its objectives and goals? Are employees getting the customized training they require to ensure full compliance with industry standards? If it's time to review your current compliance and risk training programs or structure contact the corporate training consultants at TrainingFolks today. Our dedicated team of experts has the industry experience and subject matter knowledge to design, develop and deliver the right employee training programs for you.

Sales and Customer Service Training

sales and customer service trainingReskill your sales and service teams with robust healthcare training programs. In addition to the training events, your program should also include coaching and support that employees can refer to for just-in-time training support.

If you’re considering in-class training, we have a skilled corporate trainer to carry out global training initiatives to ensure that your entire team worldwide is up to speed quickly.

While classroom training is highly effective it is not always a viable solution – many teams are dispersed or out in the field. Therefore other forms of training such as virtual classroom training, eLearning, and microlearning are becoming more popular.

Microlearning is a relatively quick and cost-effective way to produce training that keeps the skills of employees across departments and countries current.  Here are a few ways this form of eLearning can benefit roles in the healthcare industry.

Reduce Nurse Turnover

One of the reasons cited for turnover is that new nurses report a lack of training and formal onboarding by the organizations in which they work. A solid training strategy to combat this trend is microlearning.

By providing a series of short videos nurses can watch on their smartphones or tablets between their regular duties, they can quickly get the information they need on specific subjects without spending hours in a classroom. Microlearning has proven to be effective in the just-in-time training of RNs with 65% more retention of training information compared to 10% for lectures and manuals.


Decrease Patient No-Show Rates

Many patients worry about their scheduled treatments or procedures, unsure of what to expect, resulting in relatively high no-show rates. To help put their minds at ease, some healthcare facilities are producing short microlearning videos that patients can watch at their convenience before their procedures. These videos can cover topics such as explaining the ailment, the steps in the treatment, and what the patient can expect during and after the medical appointment.

Reduce Patient Readmissions

Once a patient has been treated for an illness or condition, they need to be educated on lifestyle changes or a specific course of treatment.  

As a cost-effective and agile tool, microlearning could be the training format pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations will want to adopt to ensure all employees are fully trained and can access on-demand courses as needed to ensure peak performance in these vital and growing industries.

Contact us today and see how our teams can help elevate your teams with the right training topics and programs.


 If a customized eLearning training program is better suited to your organization’s needs, then TrainingFolks is the ideal partner. Our skilled instructional designers and eLearning developers will work with your stakeholders to design the ideal learning platform for your teams.