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TrainingFolks has a strong core internal team of Project Managers, Developers and Instructional Designers that is supplemented by our global network Contract Training Professionals.

Our professional Learning and Recruitment team works with our contract trainers, facilitators and instructional designers to ensure mutual success on client projects on a local, national or global level. 

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7 Ways To Achieve Contract Corporate Training Success With TrainingFolks.                                                                                                         

1.    Exposure to interesting projects and clients in a variety of industries, broadening the depth of experience you can reach.
2.    Competitive wages based on skill level and experience in the industry.
3.    Personal one-on-one relationship with your TrainingFolks Learning and Recruitment specialist.
4.    Ongoing contract training opportunities Best-Fit for your proficiency level and expertise. 
5.    Strong onboarding process to ensure that you are set up for success.
6.    TrainingFolks is a partner by your side, providing regular contact and professional coaching.
7.    Opportunities for monetizing existing relationships with our project referral program.

TrainingFolks clients5 Typical Projects You Can Expect with TrainingFolks

1.     Design, develop and deliver project management learning initiatives and customized coaching.
2.     Develop and deliver corporate training programs globally.
3.     On-demand technology training strategy and support.
4.     Transforming the on-boarding process for Fortune 500 companies.
5.     Developing and delivering virtual instructor-led training (vILT) programs.


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What Some Of Our Contract Trainers Had To Say!

Rachel B.
Training Specialist

"It has been a pleasure working with TrainingFolks. I have someone on my side who is always quick to answer questions and provide an encouraging word. I have been blessed to be on the same project for almost a year and it has been a smooth process from my first interview to train-the-trainer to facilitating my first class. I have open communication, support and a great source of income for my family. It has been a great experience and I look forward to many more projects in the future!"

Fatima M. 
Training Specialist

"The last 7 months have been life changing and a huge part of that is due to the role TrainingFolks has played in paving the way for me. Their endless support and encouragement allowed me to find a space in a corporation which has transformed my life; not only was I able to be placed in a role which reflected my interests, values and skill sets, it was one which elevated myself and my team. Thank for being so approachable and resourceful—your support is appreciated."

Cheryl J.
Instructional Designer

"I worked with the team in securing a contract through TrainingFolks. They were very responsive and most importantly, could answer questions about the job. Too often I get generic job descriptions from recruiters only to find out later that the job description is nothing like the real job. That wastes everyone's time. Thanks to the team at TrainingFolks for for being so personable and helpful."