Designing Custom eLearning Programs to Achieve Learning Objectives

The Instructional Technologist is responsible for consulting with identified stakeholders to complete the following:

  • Learning needs analysis for an identified target audience
  • Analysis reports
  • Content outlines and visual storyboards to address knowledge and/or performance gaps
  • eLearning modules to support learning that will foster accelerated change, drive improved performance and enable more effective decision-making

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Instructional Technologist: Level I


  • Collaborating with Learning Team members, as well as Subject Matter Experts to write learning objectives, format and edit (mostly existing) storyboard content
  • Designing learning experiences through engaging interactivity and knowledge assessments
  • Developing eLearning modules using client-specific authoring tools
  • Focusing on specific, singular modules
  • Using the client's methodologies, tools, templates


  • Minimal client industry or line of business experience
  • Minimal knowledge of the subject matter
  • Less than 3 years of eLearning design/development experience
  • Experience in e-learning design/development of individual modules; content in existence
  • Designed/developed e-learning modules for entry-level or front-line employees
  • Basic Instructional Design Certification
  • Proficiency using Microsoft Office Suite

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Instructional Technologist:  Level 2


  • Consulting with Project Managers, Design and Development teams, Learning Managers, and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Serves as the key connection point between the learning team and business partners during learning solution analysis, design, and development
  • Analyzing learning needs to determine effective learning solutions that address knowledge and/or performance gaps in the target audience
  • Authoring content outlines, storyboards, and eLearning modules
  • Supporting the integration of modules into production environments
  • Focusing on the development of multiple modules
  • Serving as the design lead for the project when multiple instructional technologists and developers are involved and leading and mentoring them
  • Suggesting best practices or improvements for consideration to enhance the client's methodologies, tools, and templates


  • Some client industry or line of business experience
  • Familiar knowledge of the subject matter
  • Between 3-7 years of eLearning design/development experience
  • Experience in e-learning design/development of multiple modules; content exists but not in eLearning friendly format
  • Designed/developed eLearning modules for up to mid-level employees
  • Minimum undergraduate degree in a relevant field
  • Proficiency using the Microsoft Office suite 
  • Indirect People Management

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Instructional Technologist: Level 3


  • Managing the total learning experience by leading/consulting/partnering closely with specific Business Units, HR Business Partners, and/or Learning teams to develop and deploy learning strategies and initiatives that support the accomplishment of the business unit’s goals and objectives. Works with the minimal direction of a learning leader, able to work effectively in cross-functional structures
  • Assessing internal client's training needs and identifying corresponding performance gaps
  • Developing learning strategies that support the client’s strategic goals and leverage appropriate resources to design and implement the strategies
  • Consulting and coaching senior leaders on learning applications. Uses systemic thinking to connect all components of learning and performance management
  • Developing strategies, full program curriculums, learning architectures, learning plans, and competencies
  • Developing learning that offers more strategic solutions to a wide range of issues that are broad in scope and require regular use of ingenuity and creativity
  • Evaluating the impact of recommended solution(s)
  • Leading or serving on one or multiple major LOB/corporate-wide project teams.  Guides less experienced trainers and leadership to all team members
  • Having own toolkit of methodologies, tools, and templates for client adaptability


  • In-depth client industry or line of business experience
  • In-depth knowledge of the subject matter
  • Designed/developed e-learning modules for entry-level or front-line employees
  • 7 plus years of eLearning design/development experience 
  • Experience in eLearning design/development of multiple modules; complete creation of content may be required eLearning

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