Course: Designing High-Impact, On-Demand Performance Solutions

Designing Learning Program

Format: eLearning
Audience: Corporate Training Professionals
Course Length: 45 minutes





The speed of learning is accelerating! It’s an exciting time for instructional designers! New technologies open up fresh possibilities for creating high-impact, on-demand solutions that can make a significant contribution to the success of the businesses we support. Therefore, we must continually strive to expand our capabilities. And that’s what this course is about... sharing ideas and stimulating your thinking about the types of solutions you can design. Overall, we’re confident that you will be able to refine your skills with this designing high-impact, on-demand performance solutions course.


  • Clarify the value of designing high-impact, on-demand solutions
  • Explore how to leverage delivery alternatives and social media,
  • Examine how to create audio assets,
  • Clarify and apply visual screen design principles,
  • Outline effective business conversation scenarios,
  • Highlight application simulations, and then
  • Offer you an opportunity to confirm your knowledge with an interactive review.


Define the purpose, value and primary elements of ‘high impact, on-demand’ performance solutions.
For audio, visual, conversation scenarios and application simulations in particular:

  • Identify instructional benefits,
  • Distinguish applications,
  • Recognize a design structure (scripting and storyboarding),
  • Identify the capabilities and limitations of social media as a delivery medium, and
  • Outline development, delivery and quality assurance considerations.
 By completing/passing this course, you will attain a TrainingFolks Certificate