Invest in Developing the Traits That Employees Need for Your Soft Skills Training

The gap in today’s workplace environment cannot be ignored. More than ever, employers are finding that employees lack essential personal, team, and business leadership skills.

Studies show that 75% of long-term job success depends on people skills, while only 25% on technical knowledge1, making a strong case for ongoing soft skills training across the organization

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TrainingFolks’ Instructor Led Training (iLT) workshops are delivered onsite to meet your organization’s learning needs.  Invest in soft skills, also known as professional skills and improve employee productivity today.

Our workshops are designed to build a higher-performing workforce with content that resonates with all levels of experience on your team. 

Choose from half-day up to three-day workshops based on the course that you select.

TrainingFolks ILT workshops bring tailored content from our vast library of proven business skills topics right to your location.

Top Soft Skills Workshops Offered by TrainingFolks include:
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We also offer virtual delivery of your workshop using popular platforms including Webex, Adobe Connect, GoToMeeting, and Zoom.

If you’re interested in a large group delivery format, we can accommodate you.
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Emotional Intelligence and Corporate Culture

Recruiting and hiring employees who have the right traits and social skills can be critical to maintaining and further shaping your work environment.


If your culture is one filled with an entrepreneurial spirit and very collaborative, your team members need to master time, and project management and have great communication skills. Filling the organization with new hires that do not possess these is something hiring managers can try to get around, but what if the employees that you currently have simply haven’t evolved either?

The right soft skills development workshops are geared at improving these must-have skills and closing the gaps where they appear. Overall, this can greatly impact your company culture.

How Soft Skills Improves Company Culture

Free Organizational Culture Assessment
Download this free Organizational Culture Assessment worksheet from TrainingFolks. Taking the time to answer these key questions will provide you and your team with a detailed description of what makes up your organization's culture.  From there you can determine the best workshops for success! 

Leadership Development is More Than Technical Skills

Today’s management teams must deal with a very dynamic and ever-changing workforce. With the influx of Millennials into the workplace and soon to come to Generation Z, adapting leadership styles to match the needs of these employees is important.

While your leaders may have a good soft skill set, the consistent improvement of these to adapt to changing environments is a great way to ensure the ongoing success of the organization.


What soft skills are important to good leadership development?

  • Strong presentation skills to ensure employees are clear on overall visions and goals
  • Clear communication skills to bring teams together and on the right path to success
  • Time management skills to keep projects and employees on track
  • Coaching for success skills is critical in today’s environment where employee coaching and mentoring is a big desire for employees
  • Problem-solving is a key trait for those dealing with ongoing issues day to day
  • Leadership 101 can benefit all leaders and shape emerging leaders as well

If you’re dealing with some of these challenges, then it may be time for leadership training.

  • Your executives question whether the current skill set of leaders will enable them to achieve desired results
  • There are issues surrounding attracting and retaining leaders with critically important skills and attributes
  • There is an insufficient talent pool for leadership succession

Free Leadership Development Tool Kit

Leadership Development Toolkit
You're not alone. Make the move towards effective change today.  

Finding the Right Trainer for Your Soft Skills Programs

Establishing the need to further develop your employees and leaders is step one. But then, how do you decide what the best way to provide this training is? Are you going to develop the employee training in-house and have it available via eLearning? Are you going to have formal in-class training organized internally and delivered by your trainers? Or is it necessary to look externally for best-in-class soft skills training workshops geared at specifically targeted learners?

Regardless of your decision, one of the most important success drivers is the trainer that you choose.

Here are the top skills your corporate trainer should possess to help drive successful training programs for your organization.

Creating Leaders from Within

When you engage with TrainingFolks for your development needs, you're not just receiving a one-off training session; you're investing in a partnership for growth. Leadership isn't about standing apart from the team; it's about standing with them, guiding, and supporting their journey. Our Leadership 101 and Coaching for Success workshops focus on nurturing the kind of leadership that creates more leaders, not followers. By cultivating this leadership style, your management team can instill confidence, inspire action, and drive the business forward.

Furthermore, our targeted Performance Management workshop equips your leaders with the necessary tools to not only assess and manage employee performance but also to recognize and foster potential. This proactive approach to performance management can significantly contribute to a robust succession planning strategy, ensuring the future stability and success of your organization.

Corporate Trainer
With TrainingFolks you can rest assured that our skilled and experienced team of trainers has the subject matter knowledge and industry acumen to deliver the best training program for your employees.


The Right Training Leads to the Right Results

Engaging employees in skill development not only bridges the skills gap but also provides an added advantage in a competitive market. With a focus on personal growth, employees tend to feel more valued and, in turn, become more invested in their roles and responsibilities within the organization. This investment often translates into higher job satisfaction and lower turnover rates, adding to the overall health and performance of your business.

Moreover, effective communication and collaboration are the backbones of any thriving company. TrainingFolks' workshops are carefully crafted to enhance these core areas. Our Communication Skills and Team Collaboration modules are meticulously designed to empower your employees to express their ideas more clearly and collaborate with their colleagues more effectively, fostering an innovative and efficient workplace.

Expert Facilitation for Maximum Engagement

In a world flooded with information and training materials, the key differentiator often comes down to delivery – the human touch. A skilled facilitator can transform a workshop from a monotonous monologue into a dynamic, interactive experience. TrainingFolks ensures that each workshop is led by a facilitator who is not only an expert in the subject matter but also excels in engaging with participants, eliciting their best thinking, and encouraging them to apply their new skills in practical, real-world situations.

From mastering Microsoft Office 365 to honing selling skills or delivering outstanding customer service, our facilitators are adept at creating a learning environment that is both enriching and relevant. They bring the content to life, making it relatable and easier for participants to absorb and retain. This level of facilitation excellence ensures that the time your employees spend in our workshops translates into tangible benefits for them and your organization as a whole.

By choosing TrainingFolks, you are not just engaging a training provider; you are engaging a partner committed to developing and delivering training that has a lasting impact. We are dedicated to helping you build the skills that drive performance and, ultimately, business success. Contact us today to explore how we can assist you in taking your team to the next level.


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