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5 Traits of a Successful Contract Trainer

More and more people are beginning to join the contracting world due to the flexibility and scheduling that it offers. With so much competition, how can you stand out? Below are 5 traits that you should take into consideration for contract trainer success.

Good Communicator

Though it may sound like an obvious trait it is the most crucial one for a trainer who wants to succeed. Since you are often considered the Subject Matter Expert during your delivery, you need to be able to communicate specific information with clarity so that your learners are able to understand and grasp the information. Being an effective communicator also comes with being a good listener. Listening involves taking in information, processing it, understanding it, and then using the information to form intelligent responses.


Everyone is different when it comes to learning, so it is hard to say that every session you have will be the same. Learner styles, personalities and communication styles vary but your job is to still effectively deliver the same content and achieve results. What works for one company, group or individual may not work for another therefore understanding their needs and adapting accordingly is critical to success. 


As a Contract Training Professional, you may have several projects at once that you are trying to work on. This makes it extremely important that you keep an organized schedule. In this way, you can ensure that you are using your time effectively and meeting deadlines faster. Clients also want to know that you can multi-task and handle a fast-paced environment, all while still maintaining a high level of satisfaction.


Learning your material as soon as you get it is very important. It really helps to know every aspect of what you are teaching because you want to be able to answer any questions that may come your way. Being knowledgeable on the material you are delivering will also enable you to improvise if things don’t go as planned.

Being Able to Learn and Grow

Any professional that wants to continue to grow and succeed must know how to learn from their mistakes and apply that lesson. Be sure to take in constructive criticism in a way that can further develop your skills. Continue to use your learning experiences to become a better professional.

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