Why Virtual Training Producer Services can give your training that extra boost!

While virtual classroom technologies have advanced considerably, the need for a technical expert to support both the facilitator and participants is no longer a luxury but a necessity - as many organizations are beginning to realize. How do you engage this new role with your existing facilitation team, what are the best practices to follow to ensure a high-quality virtual training experience for your participants, and how do you ramp up a competent Virtual Producer team into your workforce planning process?

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These are all challenges being faced by organizations of all sizes. Having an experienced training partner who can scale with your business will be the key to your success!

Whether you have a few sessions or have an enterprise-wide roll-out TrainingFolks’ Virtual Training Producer Services is a flexible, results-oriented solution for any learning organization tasked with deploying a team of producers who are responsible for the overall success of virtual events from a technical standpoint. They will have a thorough knowledge of the identified virtual delivery platform – its features, functionality, and limitations. Supported platforms include, but are not limited to Adobe Connect, Zoom, WebEx Training Center, etc.

TrainingFolks has over two decades of provisioning delivery and support resources for large-scale training roll-outs. Our Virtual Producers will give you the confidence you need to ensure your technical requirements are managed and your facilitators have the added support for moderating group inter-activities, using the features available to the participants. In addition, our Online resource management tool will give you real-time visibility of your assigned Producer for each session to alleviate any anxiety of gaps in the upcoming schedule.

Virtual Producer Tasks and Activities


  • Upload materials
  • Build, customize, update and test virtual environment
  • Ensure event link(s) work
  • Attend a session rehearsal
  • Technology check
  • Build Producer guide


  • Perform technology check-in with participants
  • Introduce and manage platform features to be utilized during the session
  • Troubleshoot technical issues as needed
  • Deploy activities
  • Track session timing
  • Moderate Q&A
  • Drive slideshow if required


  • Close the session
  • Provide playback recording
  • Communicate technical issues encountered
  • Send reporting and session data

Program Management

TrainingFolks in-house Delivery Managers are trained Virtual Producers themselves and will work with you to select and onboard your Best-Fit Virtual Producer team, manage the schedule, be the single point of contact, and will monitor time sheets and approvals on your behalf.

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