ServiceNow Training to Enhance User Adoption

servicenow training

With the ongoing evolution of digital workflows and IT services, continuously upgrading and enhancing your workforce's capabilities on the ServiceNow platform is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge. TrainingFolks collaborates with clients to deploy tailored ServiceNow training programs that cater to their unique requirements across their specific environments.

Are you facing any of these ServiceNow training challenges?

  • Lack of clarity or confusion regarding the optimal use of the ServiceNow service management platform
  • The need to transition to newer versions of ServiceNow and create and deliver the training to upskill your workforce on the changes
  • Underutilization of ServiceNow functionalities leading to suboptimal return on investment
  • Inadequate employee upskilling on business processes, and the use of ServiceNow
  • Don't have available instructional designers to build the custom training required in a timely fashion

servicenow training

TrainingFolks can provide Instructional designers, and trainers to support your custom ServiceNow Training needs.


Four Steps to a Successful ServiceNow Software Training

  1. Planning and Management of Training

    Before initiating any training program, one of our experienced Senior Learning Advisors will engage with your stakeholders to understand the scope of your training needs. Your customized training strategy will be developed based on a detailed analysis of your objectives, business processes, applications, and learner profiles. For example, prioritize training on the core functionalities of ServiceNow that your employees will use most frequently. This approach ensures that the initial training sessions are concentrated on enhancing efficiency and effectiveness right from the start.

  2. Development of Custom Content

    Aligning training modalities with learning objectives and practical skill applications is crucial. For comprehensive initial training, instructor-led sessions in a hands-on environment are ideal. For tasks performed less frequently, quick reference materials or online courses supporting just-in-time learning and microlearning are more effective. Following an Instructional Design process will ensure the training meets the needs of your employees. At the end of the training needs assessment process, with a defined instructional strategy in place, we will develop the necessary training modalities, including classroom sessions, virtual training, eLearning courses, and more. Your tailored ServiceNow training strategy will ensure the training modality fits the learners' needs and the required proficiency level. Employing best practices such as integrating real-world scenarios, defining expected behaviors, engaging activities, and including skill-check activities will enhance the success of the training and overall user adoption. Your team may require ServiceNow developer training.

  3. Training Delivery

    The ServiceNow training provided will be an engaging and interactive experience, aimed at securing high levels of user adoption. Depending on your organizational culture, learner demographics, and company preferences, there are multiple ways to deliver your custom training experiences:

    • In-class, Instructor-Led Training: A TrainingFolks trainer will conduct in-person training at your chosen location (on-site or at a designated learning center). We can provide local contract trainers to facilitate these sessions wherever needed.

    • Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT): This format is advantageous when dealing with geographically dispersed teams. It saves on travel and associated costs, allowing for a budget-friendly training session. Our skilled trainers will deliver interactive online sessions, guiding teams through the ServiceNow platform and encouraging real-time interaction and questions.

    • Train the Trainer: We also support clients in upskilling their internal trainers. We will develop a train-the-trainer program that will provide your internal trainers who will supply all necessary materials and ensure your internal team is prepared to train your end users effectively on the ServiceNow training program.

  4. Continued Support Post-Training

    We believe in ongoing support beyond initial training sessions. We provide various post-training resources such as how-to videos, tutorials, reference guides, and articles available through yours or our learning management system (LMS). If your organization requires additional support post-training, we are ready to customize further solutions to ensure your team continues to excel.

Engage Our Experienced Team to Create a Tailored ServiceNow Learning Program

Discover the ideal training program for your teams with TrainingFolks today. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and how a customized training approach can effectively meet your learning objectives.


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