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With continuous updates as well as changes on your internal sales and service teams, upgrading upskilling your workforce on Salesforce is a must-do for successful organizations.

TrainingFolks works with B2B and B2C clients globally to implement customized Salesforce training solutions for their specific needs across industries like IT, business services, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, finance and banking, telecoms and more.

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Do you have any of the following Salesforce training challenges?

  • A general misunderstanding or confusion of how to utilize the Salesforce CRM platform effectively
  • The need to upgrade to a new version of Salesforce Lightning across the organization including Salesforce Sales and Service Cloud

  • Under utilization of Salesforce software resulting in wasted dollars
  • Unclear employee understanding of the value of Salesforce to the business process resulting in poor software user adoption rates

  • Dealing with push back from sales and service teams due to poor past training experiences

Salesforce Platform Training Consulting Services

We have an experienced team of learning professionals available to help you maximize the potential of your sales, customer service and marketing teams utilizing Salesforce.  


4 Steps to Successful Custom Salesforce Training

Planning and Management of Training

Before designing or implementing any training, one of our skilled Instructional Design consultants will work with your stakeholders to understand the scope of the new Salesforce training initiative. Your customized training plan will stem from understanding and analyzing your goals, business process, applications, and learners in a thorough training needs assessment.

Development of Custom Content

If you want to be successful at deploying your Salesforce training program, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, our experts will utilize the custom approach laid out by our Instructional Designer to build out the training plan and materials required. Using best practices like including real-life situations, addressing expected behaviours and value propositions for the learners specifically and skills check development activities will all ensure the further success of the program.

Training delivery

The training delivered to your learners will be an engaging and interactive experience to help ensure high rates of user adoption. Based on your organizational culture, learner profiles and company preferences there are numerous ways that your custom training experiences can be delivered.

In-class, Instructor-Led Training

We will have a certified Salesforce trainer come to your desired location (on premise or at a learning centre) to conduct face to face training. This is a highly effective way of training your sales and service teams for success on this CRM platform and TrainingFolks can provide local contract trainers to each of your requested locations.

Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT)

Creating a live virtual training environment is a benefit when you’re working with a team of learners that are geographically dispersed. In additional time on travel to attend just one training session is saved, along with budget. One of our skilled Salesforce certified trainer will host an engaging online training session walking teams through using the platform with full interaction to encourage questions and social sharing.

Train the Trainer

TrainingFolks works with clients to help them to upskill their internal trainers. A fully certified Salesforce trainer will provide the required materials and work with your internal team to ensure that they are trained up and ready to then train your teams of end-users as needed.


Based on the scope of your Salesforce training needs and the skills and knowledge of your employees, eLearning may be an option as well. In this case, our eLearning development team will design and develop an employee-centric approach to your software training needs. 

Continued Support Post-Training

TrainingFolks does not subscribe to the one and done approach to corporate training and delivery. With our customized Salesforce training services, your organization will be provided with several post training event assets to continue to coach and support your teams. These can include how-to- videos or tutorials. They can also include reference guides or topic-based articles hosted on your learning management system (LMS). If there is an additional level of support that your organization requires post training event, we can work to further customize experiences and ensure that the team continues to exceed goals.

Have our experienced team create the customized Salesforce CRM learning program you need to provide your teams with the right training for success.



5 Best Practices for Salesforce User Adoption Strategy and Training

Reverse the 80/20 rule

Focus the initial "go-live" training primarily on the core 20% of the functionality that the employees will use 80% of the time.

Initial training sessions should concentrate on Speed to Efficiency of the greatest usage of the system. As part of your learning strategy consider ongoing or continuous education including additional functionality. This is especially true when upgrading your current version of Salesforce or continuously training new members to your sales and service teams.

Modality Selection

Align delivery modality to learner objectives and transfer. Instructor-led training in a hands-on setting is great for the "go-live" training. However, if the user will only complete a task occasionally, provide them with “How to" quick reference materials or leverage online courses and support material with microlearning. When designing your customized Salesforce learning approach, your instructional designer will be able to design training to the best modality for your learners and level of learning required.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Often we see new application training that “tells” about the system or “shows” the system (particularly in e-learning courses). In proficiency-oriented training such as software training, give the employee access to the software or a simulation environment. In fact, training is often more effective if they explore the program first, before attending the session. Remember, a key objective for the training is having the users demonstrate proficient in the training.

Train from the real world

Deliver training in a stable systems environment. An environment that mirrors the real-life environment. Creating "true-life" context, with real-world challenges, will make it easier to transfer new knowledge and skills to job duties. If an application screen is going to change after the training, then training would be counterproductive to user adoption. Furthermore, keep in mind that your sales, service and marketing teams are working with real clients and partners everyday and have specific situations that are normal in their day to day role. Include these in your training and show them how Salesforce and tools available can help address these very real situations.

Don’t overwhelm them

CRM training doesn’t need to be complicated. However, for many employees learning Salesforce for the first time can be overwhelming. A few ideas to mitigate that feeling and increase adoption would be to keep them informed of the rollout progress, find your champions, link the training to your business processes, maintain communication and collaboration and celebrate and reward their success, and keep in mind the KISS Principal. Consider building in how this new rollout will help them personally excel in their role and really lay out what’s in it for them for further acceptance of this change.

Learn more about why TrainingFolks is the right Salesforce Training provider for your organization's custom training needs. Get in touch with us today and one of our experienced team members can discuss your current scope and how a customized approach can help to achieve your learning objectives effectively.