Corporate training consultants

Over 30,000 Training Consultants Worldwide

As a global training consulting firm, we deliver certified training consultants to some of the world's largest and most successful organizations. 

The strength of our solution lies in the ability to select training consultants from thousands of locations across the globe. This benefits our clients substantially by providing them with certified training consultants close to their location, reducing both travel and accommodation expenses.

Best-fit training consultant profile:

  • Experience and skill

  • Content expertise

  • Highly certified

  • Multi-language support

  • Local culture awareness

Our industry experienced training consultants have helped our clients simplify the learning process and assist in the execution of new products, services and software. Interview one of our certified training consultants today!

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 Our goal was to implement a performance management system that could be implemented throughout the enterprise. TrainingFolks has been instrumental in helping us reach that goal.


P. Barber, Sr. Vice President, Talent Development Manager, The South Financial Group