Consider These 10 Before Hitting Send

Did you know that you could save up to 160 work hours a year with a more effective workplace email practices in place?

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The struggle for most managers is real! 

Email takes up hours of your busy work day and the majority of the messages in your inbox are not helpful to your day to day operations or overall productivity.

If you feel like you're drowning in one too many emails, it may be time to consider a formal training program geared at how to use email more effectively in the workplace.

Decrease the number of useless emails being sent by your team to one another and to you with these 10 quick tips to consider before hitting Send.


The download provides:

  • 10 easy steps for employees to consider
  • Printable format to share and post on employees' desks as reminders
  • A look at the difference between using chat and email for internal communications
  • Review of what is appropriate for the workplace versus personal email 

If you're looking for an external partner to create a workplace email excellence training program for your organization, get in touch with the global training experts at TrainingFolks today.

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