What is Employee Onboarding versus Corporate Training?

Posted by Nisha Amin on May 30, 2019 9:57:00 AM

What is Employee Onboarding versus Corporate Training?

Tips from Your Corporate Training Company

Employee Onboarding refers to integrating a new hire successfully into their new role within the organization. 

Corporate learning and development ensures that employee are upgrading their knowledge and expertise in their related fields.

You can’t exactly show someone how to perform better in their role until they are assimilated into their role-but this is something that many leaders across organizations continue to confuse.

Consider these three areas of an employee onboarding process to see how it greatly differs from on the job training.

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TrainingFolks Improves Corporate Training With New Partner

Posted by Nisha Amin on Mar 28, 2019 9:00:00 AM



eThink Education and TrainingFolks Announce Partnership to Provide Innovative Learning Solutions to Clients

eThink Education, a total LMS solution provider for open-source learning platforms Moodle and Totara Learn, announce their latest partnership with TrainingFolks, a global training and development company committed to providing custom learning solutions.

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What Does Your LMS Do For You?

Posted by Nisha Amin on Jan 3, 2019 1:33:00 PM

What Exactly Does Your LMS Do?

Tips From Top Corporate Training Services Company

If I asked you about your current Learning Management System (LMS) which of the following would you agree most closely with?

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How Your LMS Can Streamline New Employee Onboarding

Posted by Nisha Amin on Jun 7, 2018 10:32:11 AM


A study by Gallup found that only 12% of employees strongly agree that their organization does a great job onboarding new hires.1 There is definite room for improvement!

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Are You Making the Most of Your LMS?

Posted by Nisha Amin on May 10, 2018 8:17:00 AM


Your Learning Management System (LMS) allows you to manage all aspects of your organization’s learning and development program. This includes the creation, delivery, tracking and reporting for all training courses.

A LMS can streamline your training program by automating many of the manual tasks your department has to manage -- as long as you're taking advantage of all the features. This allows your L&D team to focus on planning, developing and implementing your training activities instead of maintaining and administering them.

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5 Ways an LMS Learning Portal can Increase Learner Engagement

Posted by Rachael Jones on Jul 27, 2017 8:48:26 AM


If your company is searching for a learning management system (LMS) you likely know about the many benefits – how much faster and easier it is to create and deliver learning content, manage training programs, track course completions, and report on results. That is great news for learning leaders.

But even with all the helpful and convenient functionality of a LMS learning portal, many organizations still find it challenging to get learners to enroll in and complete training courses. The good news is that you can use the features available with the LMS to increase learner engagement and motivation.

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Training Companies Reveal - The Real Advantages to using an LMS

Posted by Ashley White on Aug 22, 2014 2:02:00 PM

Training Companies Reveal - The Real Advantages to using an LMS

For some training consultants, there may be some lingering questions around implementing a new LMS, “Why should my organization implement a blended learning course or eLearning course via an LMS?  What quantitative advantages would it bring to my current training solution and outputs?


Should we consider hiring a contract LMS Administrator to manage our new LMS?

If implemented correctly, an LMS can be a powerful training solution that can take an organization to the next level of operational efficiency.  Learning Management Systems save organizations, training consultants and instructors valuable time and money by enabling them to easily manage the training of large groups of learners through a web-based environment - anytime, anywhere accessibility.

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