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6 Ways to Improve Onboarding with a Cloud-Based LMS

Cloud-Based LMS


With current challenges including, an increase in remote workers and high employee turnover, employee onboarding is more critical than ever. Providing training to these new employees when and where they need can be a competitive advantage. A cloud-based learning management system (LMS) is a learning management system that is hosted remotely. This takes away the need for companies to set up and maintain their servers that are then accessed by employees. You can use a third-party service that's maintained remotely for you.

The rise of cloud-based LMS tools has made it possible for businesses to improve the way they train their employees. You can now get an effective solution that can host your learning programs.

There are many features to an LMS that can help with onboarding practices:

  • The system can host an eLearning library so employees can learn on their own time.

  • The courses taken by employees can be tracked and monitored so that managers know what the employee has learned and what they still need to learn.

  • It can include video tutorials for new employees.

  • The platform could have cloud-sharing capabilities. This will enable managers to connect with employees during training sessions and share company files or documents with them.

  • It is mobile-friendly.


6 ways a Cloud-Based LMS can improve the employee onboarding process

Manage all training centrally

For many businesses, training is a crucial component of their growth. With a cloud-based LMS system, you can manage your company’s training in one place. You can easily upload new content, and courses and share them with employees across the company.

Facilitate remote onboarding

With a cloud-based LMS system, you can provide users with an online course that they can access remotely. You do not have to worry about having to download and install the software.

This flexibility also provides convenience when training many people at once and need them all to be trained as soon as possible.

Standardize the knowledge shared

Another advantage of cloud-based Learning Management Systems is that they standardize the knowledge shared across departments. This means that your team members will be able to access the same information, regardless of where they are located.

Maximize engagement while Onboarding

A cloud-based LMS will allow you to be flexible in your approach. You can use gamification principles such as points or badges to promote learning and keep learners motivated.

You can easily set up checkpoints so that you do not miss anything during the onboarding process. This way, they will know what they should be doing when they come to work, and you will have an idea of who has completed their training and who needs more time on certain topics.

Track your employee's progress

One of the most important benefits of a cloud-based LMS is that it lets you track your employee’s progress. You can see which module they are in, what skills they need to improve on, and how long it will take for them to finish the training.

This will allow you to better evaluate their skills and assign them accordingly. 

Make two-way feedback easy

Feedback can come in many different forms including customer satisfaction or employee engagement. You can easily measure these things with the help of cloud-based LMS.

You can get feedback from employees on how well your training programs are helping them and what needs to change for them to be more effective.  In addition, the ability to interact with employees during training sessions makes this type of software particularly beneficial for companies that have remote workers or need to train large groups of people at one time.


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