What Does a Contract Trainer Do?

Posted by Rachael Jones on May 26, 2021 9:30:00 AM

What Does a Contract Trainer | Contract Facilitator Do?

A contract trainer trains the employees of a business to perform at a high level. They are responsible for having a strong understanding of the training content (requiring various levels of specialization) and must be able to present it effectively by tailoring their delivery style to match the learning audience. The contract trainer works with various stakeholders to evaluate the success of learning.

Contract trainers are experts, hired by companies to assist corporate leadership in determining the most appropriate way to train employees. Contract trainers are tasked with training a businesses' staff and can do so when a company’s internal training team lacks the time or skillset.

Many companies that are introducing new technology or software look to contract trainers, as many do not need the services of a full-time team member or lack the resources or expertise to conduct the training internally. Working with a contract trainer enables a company to scale their employee's training, when and where they need it. With a solid train-the-trainer process and leader's guide, delivering a consistent learner experience can be achieved successfully.

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Mackenzie Health

Posted by Rachael Jones on May 21, 2021 10:30:00 AM

Global Training Company, TrainingFolks is Proud to Support Mackenzie Health

Global Training Company, TrainingFolks is proud to support the 'Ultimate Campaign' to help with funding to build and equip the new Cortellucci Vaughan, Ontario Hospital.

Cortellucci Vaughan Hospital opened in early February as a system solution to address Ontario's surge in Covid-19 cases and Mackenzie Health is proud to play a role in the province's efforts to fight this health care crisis. Mackenzie Health looks forward to the construction, and their two-hospital future, which will focus on providing world-class health care to thousands of residents in the region.

So far, their fundraising campaign has generated over $181 million in donations, and each donation brings them ever closer to reaching their $250 million goal.  


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Why Technology Training Fails

Posted by Rachael Jones on May 19, 2021 9:30:00 AM

Reasons Technology Training Fails

Many organizations successfully integrate new technology, but what happens when the training fails? According to Forbes, it has never been more important for a company to improve technology user adoption than it is today.

With US companies spending over $70 billion on training annually, it may be shocking to learn that almost 90% of newly learned skills are forgotten within one year - "Forgetting Curve". It may also be surprising to learn that budget is not the key factor determining the success, or failure of the training.

Poorly implemented technology training can have a negative impact on productivity, morale, and revenue. Awareness of the common reasons that training fails will enable your organization to avoid it happening to you and to ensure successful implementation of new technology by putting an effective user adoption plan in place.

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2021 Training Outsourcing Companies Watchlist - 10th Year In A Row

Posted by Rachael Jones on May 12, 2021 9:30:00 AM

Training Outsourcing Companies

For the 10th consecutive year, TrainingFolks has been chosen by Training Industry for their Training Outsourcing Companies Watch List.

As the most trusted source for information on the business of learning, Training Industry prepares this annual list to highlight the best providers of training services and technologies in the market.

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How is a Training Needs Assessment Different in 2021?

Posted by Rachael Jones on May 5, 2021 9:30:00 AM

How To Do a Training Needs Assessment and When Is It Used?

Training needs assessment is conducted in an organization where there are changes seen as significant enough to indicate gaps in performance for individuals (changing roles for example), an area or department (changing process, equipment, or responsibilities), or an organization (merging, acquiring, or divesting). These changes call for more than just communication but do not require an entire change or the development of a whole program. Training needs assessments are also likely necessary when there is a noticeable decline in performance for a group of people or teams without any discernible differences in processes, technologies, or organizational factors.

A good assessment always starts with asking three questions: why you think there is a problem, why are you looking at this now, and what are you expecting to see in terms of performance that you are not seeing. These should be considered before engaging in any formal assessment and should be as objective as possible. It is the objectivity needed that often requires a consultant who will have an outside view of the issues and experience in similar organizations and fields for comparison.

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How to Pick the Right Contract Trainer

Posted by Rachael Jones on Apr 28, 2021 9:32:49 AM

Picking the Right Contract Trainer


A contract trainer is a professional who provides specialized and exceptional training services to organizations. Many companies decide to outsource trainers to minimize the cost of hiring in-house staff, leading to reduced operational costs.

The contract trainer is responsible for having a thorough understanding of the training content (requiring various levels of specialization) and must be able to present it effectively by altering delivery style to match to the learning audience. The contract trainer works with various stakeholders to evaluate the success of learning programs and may serve as an on-site performance coach through consulting, monitoring and evaluating training results.

Before engaging a trainer, companies should always conduct their due diligence to ensure the person contracted for the job is the right fit for the position. Below are steps you can follow to create a seamless experience when looking for the right contract trainer!

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5 Steps to Employee Onboarding Success!

Posted by Rachael Jones on Apr 21, 2021 10:00:00 AM

Successful Employee Onboarding 


Employee onboarding is one of the most important steps you can take to build a strong and loyal workforce. Getting started on the right foot has more benefits than just improved employee relations, as building a successful onboarding process gives new employees a roadmap to success.  

Many companies experience a new hire turnover rate of 20% within the employee's first 45 days. These statistics are even worse for senior-level new hires. Around 50% of outside hires for executive positions have reportedly failed within 18 months!

During onboarding, you want to ensure you create a seamless process that will help your new hire adjust quickly to their new role and can hit the ground running. Read on for 5 key steps to employee onboarding.

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7 Steps for Virtual Employee Onboarding

Posted by Rachael Jones on Apr 14, 2021 9:30:00 AM

Virtual Employee Onboarding: 7 Steps to Success


Employee onboarding is a process that involves introducing new employees to their new work environment and culture. It is one of the most critical steps you can take in the hiring process as it is all about inclusion, and providing the tools needed by the employee to become a dynamic team member.  

So, does that change when you are working virtually? With many people now working from home, or between their home and the office, many businesses may find it hard to manage their onboarding programs.

Getting this step right ensures that new employees feel welcomed as part of the team, get to know their colleagues, understand the organization's policies, regulations and give you a better chance at retaining your new hire.

Through the process, new employees can learn and understand their job descriptions and set clear objectives for the first few months at work. They get a better understanding of their new company’s culture and values to create meaningful and professional relationships with their new team – even if they have never met them in person!

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Building a Successful Employee Onboarding Process

Posted by Rachael Jones on Apr 7, 2021 9:30:00 AM

Successful Employee Onboarding Process


When hiring a new employee, make sure you get started on the right foot! Get our FREE download 'Employee Onboarding Checklist' for a step by step guide.

Download 'Employee Onboarding Checklist' to get started!


Employee onboarding plays an integral role in employee retention and helps new employees feel welcomed within your organization. Many companies have some type of onboarding experience, but few employees would refer to it as great.

The employee onboarding process is the first step in welcoming new team members and can often make or break the likelihood they will stay. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, employee turnover can be as much as 50% in the first 18 months of employment.

A successful employee onboarding process ensures new team members gain clarity on their roles and what is expected of them, and prevents them from leaving as soon as they can!

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Why Leadership Development Programs Fail

Posted by Rachael Jones on Mar 31, 2021 9:30:00 AM

Leadership Development Program

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Over the years, organizations have dedicated time and money to improve their managers' potential and nurture new leaders. US-based companies spend approximately $14 billion every year on leadership development. Executives rank leadership improvement as one of their top three current and future priorities.

In today's business environment, many organizations acknowledge that leadership development programs play a critical role in improving performance, engagement, and profitability. However, some leaders say that despite their efforts to enhance leadership growth, their companies fail to exploit many business opportunities.

For your organization to succeed, you need a successful leadership team with exceptional skills to lead other employees and sustainably drive organizational growth. By implementing a leadership development program, you can identify individuals who can lead the organization and nurture them to perform leadership duties efficiently and effectively.

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