4 Reasons Training Professionals Keep Connected

Posted by Vanessa Branscome on May 1, 2018 5:30:00 PM


It’s not possible to build a relationship with every recruiter you come across but picking and choosing a handful of recruiters to stay in touch with will prove beneficial to you in the long run. As a Learning and Development consultant, TrainingFolks’ recruiters cater to your niche, which makes it very important that you stay in touch with them and maintain that relationship, even if it is just through a couple of emails throughout the year.

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16 Visual Presentation Techniques Used by Top Learning Consultants

Posted by Lora Boiago on May 2, 2013 4:23:00 PM


16 Visual Presentation Techniques Used by Top Learning Consultants

Tips from Instructional Design Specialists

Have you ever wondered how much of an impact adding audio/visuals can have on your presentations?  How about the most effective types of audio and visual techniques?  We looked into the best practices and techniques used by our top learning consultants and asked them what they thought.  Fact is, incorporating an appropriate balance of visual and audio into your meeting agenda will significantly increase effectiveness and level of engagement.  Surprisingly, many professionals fail to use whiteboards, flipcharts and handouts as aiding tools during important presentations.

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Grow Your Learning Consultant Team without Hiring New Employees

Posted by Lora Boiago on Apr 4, 2013 10:02:00 AM

Today's business environment calls for employers of all sizes to remain flexible. Among other things, this means the ability to increase or decrease the number of team members quickly and efficiently.

According to TrainingIndustry.com, scalability refers to an organization’s ability to handle a large increase or decrease in users, workload or transactions without undue stress. Many companies are able to enjoy the flexibility inherent in the scalability of engaging contract learning consultants. This is especially true for functional areas, such as learning, training and development, which often operate in a project-based environment and may be structured as a separate cost- or profit-center.

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Learning Consultants Guide: 13 Leadership Tips for an Optimal Organizational Development Program

Posted by Lora Boiago on Feb 25, 2013 3:23:00 PM


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