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It’s not possible to build a relationship with every recruiter you come across but picking and choosing a handful of recruiters to stay in touch with will prove beneficial to you in the long run. As a Learning and Development consultant, TrainingFolks’ recruiters cater to your niche, which makes it very important that you stay in touch with them and maintain that relationship, even if it is just through a couple of emails throughout the year.Whether you are an eager job seeker, or you are currently on a project, there are plenty of benefits associated with keeping in touch. You never know when you will find yourself looking for the next opportunity and ensuring that the lines of communication are kept open will go a long way!

When you are on the hunt for new opportunities

Send your recruiter an email or give them a quick call letting them know that you are currently available. Staying on their radar is important and your message may even come at the perfect time! Remain diligent and keep your eyes open for new openings that have been posted to the company page. If you see one that you think you may be a good fit for, be proactive and reach out to your recruiter.

When you’re on an assignment

Even if you’re on an assignment, it’s still important to stay connected. Let your recruiters know what you’re currently working on and when you’re anticipating wrapping up so that they can keep you in mind for opportunities that will fit your time frame. Keeping your recruiter informed and, in the loop, will enable them to speak on your behalf in a clear and concise way.             

When you’ve just finished a project

It’s also important to reach out to your recruiter when you finish a project. Send them a message letting them know that you have just finished up a project and are on the market again. Make sure to send over an updated resume as well that includes the project you just came off of as well as what you did. Make sure that your address and contact information are up to date as well!

Even if you don’t get selected after an interview

If you get rejected after an interview that your recruiter has set up for you, don’t give up. Just because you were not the best-fit for one role, doesn’t mean you won’t be the perfect candidate for another. It’s a learning process and keeping a good attitude and staying engaged with your recruiters will help them want to help you with future opportunities.

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