The Role of Gamification in Corporate Training: Make Learning Fun

Posted by Rachael Jones on Apr 17, 2024 9:30:00 AM

The Role of Gamification in Corporate Training:
How to Make Learning Fun

Gamification in corporate training continues to grow in companies around the world. It involves the use of game design elements and mechanics, such as points, badges, leaderboards, and challenges, to make learning more interactive, immersive, and enjoyable. For example, by incorporating gamification into eLearning courses, you can create a more dynamic and personalized learning experience that caters to the needs and preferences of each learner.

By introducing game-like elements, learners are more likely to stay engaged and motivated throughout the learning process, leading to better retention and application of knowledge. Additionally, gamification can provide instant feedback and recognition, which can boost learners' confidence and encourage them to continue learning.

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How to Train New Employees Virtually: 3 Approaches to Consider

Posted by Rachael Jones on May 10, 2023 9:30:00 AM

How to Train New Employees Virtually: 3 Approaches to Consider


In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced employers to embrace remote work environments—and along with them, virtual training strategies. Even as companies reopen their facilities, many continue offering virtual training as at-home and hybrid work environments become the new normal. Knowing how to train new employees virtually is more important that ever.

However, virtual instructor-led training is not as simple as sharing a PowerPoint presentation in a Zoom meeting. Remote training presents a variety of new challenges, from decreased engagement to technical challenges. A rapid transformation from in-person to virtual training is compelling companies to rethink strategies for employee engagement and learning online, especially when it comes to employee onboarding.

Every organization has different training requirements, and not all remote training methodologies will work for you. If you’re considering different training formats, here are three common methodologies for training new employees virtually.

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Improve Technology User Adoption with Gamification

Posted by Rachael Jones on Sep 21, 2017 8:57:51 AM


When companies introduce new technology it is to improve productivity, streamline processes, and help employees work more efficiently. With all of these positive outcomes, you would think that most employees would be happy to adopt it. In reality, it is human nature to resist change, and getting employees to alter their daily routines is often a challenge.

Here are three ways to improve user adoption of new technology.

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Enhancing the New Hire Training Experience with Gamification

Posted by Rachael Jones on Apr 22, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Enhancing the New Hire Training Experience with Gamification:

New hire training is a critical step that companies take to ensure that their new hires develop the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed to be successful. Companies invest heavily in hiring new employees, which is one reason why it is so important to have an effective training program. Each new employee will represent the company’s brand, displaying their culture and values, as well as being expected to perform at a required level in their job. Gamification is a rapidly growing approach to ensure your new hires are getting the most out of their training.

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5 Out-of-the-Box Ideas from Instructional Design Consultants

Posted by Ashley White on Jul 1, 2015 10:27:00 AM

5 Out-of-the-Box Ideas from Instructional Design Consultants

Have you been craving a unique way to engage your learners? Are your courses blending together? It's time to take off the rose-colored glasses and see your training program for what it really is. Our top instructional design consultants have discovered 5 out-of-the-box ideas that will wake you up from training déjà vu.

1. Get Gamified!

The truth is, the use of gamification is everywhere. And it's growing - the gamification market is predicted to reach $2.8 billion in direct spending by 2016. Why? Because gamification really works. It encourages users to engage in desired behaviors by showing a path of mastering, and by taking advantage of our human psyche predisposition to engage in gaming. 

What do our instructional design consultants use to make their gamification unique and successful? They include items such as leader boards, badges, levels, challenges and the possibility to level up.  Incorporate those items with game-like dynamics such as competition, urgency, rewards, pride and status- building. Successful gamification can turn work into fun and make learning a joy. The potential is enormous.

Interested in implementing gamification within your organization? Download our checklist for evaluating gamification platforms!

Gamification Platform Checklist

Read more about the benefits of gamification...

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Training Companies Discovered: 4 Benefits of Gamification

Posted by Ashley White on Nov 12, 2014 3:21:00 PM

4 Benefits of Gamification


Definition:  gam·i·fi·ca·tion ;ˌ(ɡāmifəˈkāSHən/)


the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g., point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service.

"gamification is exciting because it promises to make the hard stuff in life fun"

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