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Motivate and Engage Your Learners in 2016 - Instructional Design Consultants Reveal Top Tips!

Posted by Ashley White on Jan 11, 2016 4:31:53 PM

Experienced instructional designers understand the importance of motivating and engaging their learners. Have you been craving a unique way to engage your learners in 2016? Are your courses blending together? It's time to take off the rose-colored glasses and see your training program for what it really is!

Our top instructional design consultants have discovered 5 out-of-the-box ideas that will engage your learners and wake them up from training déjà vu. Download our infographic today to find out how!

 Engage Your Learners! INFOGRAPHIC

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Be the Boss Everyone Wants to Work For!

Posted by Ashley White on Dec 29, 2015 9:45:00 AM

Our expert management training consultants have conducted studies to determine the reasons that employees leave their jobs. Most reasons point squarely to their bosses:

  • 39% said their supervisors didn’t keep their promises.

  • 37% said their supervisors failed to give credit when due.

  • 31% said their supervisors gave them the “silent treatment.”

  • 27% said their supervisors made negative comments about them to others.

  • 23% said their supervisors blamed others to cover up their own mistakes or embarrassment.

As a result, employees reported feeling more tension, mistrust, and exhaustion, and were less satisfied and less likely to take on additional tasks or work longer hours. In other words, supervisors directly affect their employees’ productivity and satisfaction in the workplace.

There are many different behavior styles that you should be aware of as a boss, and recognizing your own allows you to adjust your behavior to meet others’ needs. Download our free Behavioral Style Guide today!

Leadership Behavioral 
Style Guide

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10 Benefits of Using an External Training Company for Staffing

Posted by Ashley White on Dec 16, 2015 10:02:10 AM

Do you need to hire an expert learning professional? Download our Top 13 Interview Questions Infographic below! 

Interview Questions INFOGRAPHIC

Cutting cost and time: two very important things that every organization - large and small - is trying to save. Utilizing an expert training company to help you ramp up or down during large training initiatives may be just what you need to achieve this goal.

Find out the 10 Benefits of Using an External Training Company for Staffing...

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So You Want to Become a Learning Professional!

Posted by Ashley White on Dec 10, 2015 12:18:18 PM

So you want to become a Learning Professional? Do you have what it takes to join the TrainingFolks team? We are looking for consultants with the right skills and experience for multiple learning and development opportunities. Find out how to get started!

Join our team!

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Top 5 Tips for Critical Thinking and Conflict Resolution

Posted by Ashley White on Nov 30, 2015 5:07:47 PM

Management Training for Critical Thinking and Conflict Resolution

Our experienced team of management training consultants has worked with numerous Fortune 500 corporations to improve their employees' skills of critical thinking and conflict management. If your team is worried about resolving an escalating work-related conflict, try downloading our conflict management guide to effectively handle conflict the right way.

Conflict Management Guide

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The Value of Working with Training Consultants During Mergers & Acquisitions

Posted by Ashley White on Nov 10, 2015 2:52:29 PM

Is your organization going through a merger or acquisition? Don't forget the value of working with management training consultants and to download our Merger & Acquisition Checklist!


Management training consultantsunderstand the complexities behind management training. Especially during a merger or acquisition, there can be battle lines that arise based upon the pre-existing entities.  For any company or organization, if not handled appropriately, this can be deadly. Regardless of industry or size, all companies have something in common - they survive by maintaining satisfied customers through their employees and managers. The importance of developing, training and rewarding a company's employees through management training cannot be over estimated, and having a third party management training consultant who can be impartial and objective can provide much needed expertise and guidance through choppy and difficult times. 

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TrainingFolks, at The Institute For Performance And Learning's 2015 Conference & Trade Show!

Posted by Ashley White on Nov 3, 2015 3:04:00 PM

TrainingFolks, at The Institute For Performance And Learning's 2015 Conference & Trade Show on November 18-20th in Toronto, Canada.


Our TrainingFolks team will be exhibiting at booth #307 at The Institute For Performance And Learning Conference & Trade Show being held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on November 18-20th, 2015 Read More

Become the Learning Consultant All Employers Want: Top 5 Winning Qualities

Posted by Ashley White on Oct 30, 2015 2:24:35 PM

Become the Learning Consultant All Employers Want:

5 Qualities of a Great Corporate Learning Consultant 

Do you want to hire a top learning consultant at your organization? At TrainingFolks, we know what separates the top performers from the mediocre. Download our Top 13 Interview Questions for a Learning Consultant infographic today!


As a top training company, we have had the opportunity to work with and employ thousands of learning consultants. Find out the top 5 winning qualities that made our top performing learning consultants stand out!

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CRM Training: Top 8 Tips for End-User Adoption Success

Posted by Ashley White on Oct 22, 2015 9:50:05 AM

With research from the National Computing Center (NCC) reporting that as many as one in three companies think their CRM training has delivered only limited benefits, organizations need to make sure their CRM training is correct to avoid underperformance.

Do you need to get your team quickly up to speed on a new software rollout or CRM? Get started by downloading our Technology User Adoption Checklist. Then call on the experts at TrainingFolks to successfully implement technology training!

Technology User Adoption  Checklist

With the help of a team of training consultants, we identified eight top tips that can improve your next CRM implementation. And make no mistake; CRM training is extremely critical.

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8 Employer Interview Best Practices when Hiring Training Consultants

Posted by Ashley White on Oct 16, 2015 9:18:00 AM

With the increasing presence of virtual and global training consultants, the traditional form of in-person interviewing is diminishing. It's imperative now more than ever to learn remote interviewing best practices.

The current global way of conducting business has demanded an unprecedented level of remote interviewing, specifically in the training consultant world. 

If you are in the market to hire an expert training consultant, download our "Interview Questions for Training Professionals Infographic" to kick start your interview process!

Download Today!

Don't risk the chance of missing out on sound opportunities during your interview. The value derived from a well-prepared and devised interview far outweigh that of one being improvised. Before jumping into your telephone interviewing process, take note of the employer best practices listed below.

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