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So you want to become a Learning Professional? Do you have what it takes to professional_learning_consultantjoin the TrainingFolks team? We are looking for consultants with the right skills and experience for multiple learning and development opportunities. Find out how to get started!

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What does a Learning Professional do?

The primary purpose of a learning professional is to implement training initiatives, plan, and develop processes and/or strategies that would help an organization reach its goals. 

This would often include:

  • Training development
  • Procurement
  • Assessment
  • Delivery
  • Facilitating training programs
  • Developing guides and materials for participants
  • Monitoring systems and processes 
  • Measuring the success of a training initiative

Often learning professionals are also required to survey employees, managers, and business leaders to determine their needs, and then propose the appropriate solution.

Education and Training for Learning Professionals:

A bachelor's degree is the typical start path to becoming a learning professional. What the credentials are depends on the employer. Some prefer well-rounded business backgrounds while others seek industry-specific knowledge. There are also a lot of certifications you can receive that can help advance your career as a learning professional such as:

  • The Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP)
  • The Certified Professional in Training Management (CPTM)
  • Project Management for Learning Professionals Certificate
  • Certified Management Consultant (CMC)

TrainingFolks' Certification Process:

Developing a business to business relationship with us as a Certified TrainingFolks' Learning Professional has several benefits:

  • The Talent Development team will expose you to many interesting projects and clients in a variety of industries, broadening the depth of experience you can reach. 

  • Certified TrainingFolks Professionals also receive front of line consideration for new opportunities. 

In addition, a pre-existing relationship with us will ensure an expedited onboarding process should you be chosen to engage in a project.

The certification process begins after you have been selected for a specific project.  At the time of selection you will go through an orientation program, on-boarding and be coached on the specific client project.  You then begin your first project as a CERTIFIED TrainingFolks Consultant.

Next, to become a Certified TrainingFolks Professional, you must successfully complete a project engagement through TrainingFolks and receive a satisfactory evaluation from our client and TrainingFolks, based on our performance scorecard. 

Continuing to partner with TrainingFolks thereafter has additional advantages to becoming a Certified TrainingFolks Adviser.


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Benefits of Being a Learning Consultant:

1.  You have an immense amount of flexibility. As a consultant, you may be involved in a project that requires you to work seven days a week for a month, but you may save enough money to take a month off and travel. 

2.  Instead of doing the same job day after day, you can diversify your work at your discretion. The diversity of your work will keep you motivated and challenged. Monotony may never be an issue for you again!

3.  As a professional learning consultant you also are able to choose whom you want to work for and how much time you are willing to invest with a particular client or project. Many consultants like the opportunity to not be tied down to one income.

Top 5 Winning Qualities of a Learning Consultant:

  • Stellar Communication Skills

  • Adaptability

  • Time Management Skills

  • A Strong Relationship Builder

  • Attention to Detail

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