7 Steps to Lead Your Sales Team to Success  

Posted by Rachael Jones on Jul 8, 2020 9:30:00 AM

7 Steps to Lead Your Sales Team to Success  

As a sales leader, you always have a keen eye on your targets. Ensuring that you meet the monthly or quarterly goals is a measure of your teams’ performance, how well you are doing based on your competitors and in many cases, it can be a measure of personal success. 

Leading or motivating your sales team can sometimes be challenging. Perhaps you sell physical products and your team is faced with inventory or logistic challenges. Maybe they don’t have the in-depth technical knowledge required to promote product or service features or benefits? Or, perhaps the sales team is frustrated with red tape, or over complicated internal processes. 

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Culturally Speaking-When Corporate Culture is Misaligned

Posted by Nisha Amin on Jan 17, 2019 11:15:00 AM

Why Defining Your Corporate Culture Leads the Path to Success

 Tips from Top Corporate Training Company

You’ve gone through weeks of interviews and second interviews and even third interviews and finally hired a new VP Learning and Development. 

Congratulations are shared and you’re excited to get the team back on track towards a strong and successful year ahead. 

Then within the first month, employees begin complaining about their new boss. 

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Creating a Connected, Collaborative Company Culture

Posted by Nisha Amin on Jun 28, 2018 1:22:31 PM


Many job postings you see these days highlight the “great company culture” as organizations try to stand out and compete for top talent -- and retain their best employees. But what does company culture really mean?

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