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Why Defining Your Corporate Culture Leads the Path to Success

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You’ve gone through weeks of interviews and second interviews and even third interviews and finally hired a new VP Learning and Development. 

Congratulations are shared and you’re excited to get the team back on track towards a strong and successful year ahead. 

Then within the first month, employees begin complaining about their new boss. 

Another month goes by and you’re noticing that your now not so new hire seems to be working remotely four of the five days of the week, leaving her team without a leader in the office.

Finally, before her probationary three months comes to an end you realize, she’s just not the right fit and have to let her go.  As you sign off on her termination papers, you sit back and wonder, how did someone that looked so right on paper, and seemed so great in person, not fit with the company once she arrived?

The answer in many cases is a misalignment of corporate culture.

This is something the learning and development recruiting specialists at TrainingFolks deal with every day.  A client has a clear idea of who they are looking for when it comes to skills and experience however, once the interview process starts, they begin rejecting candidates because of a lack of fit.  Going through the additional step of clearly defining their company culture, however, significantly reduces these incidences leading to great fits between our clients and their new hires.

Identifying company culture, however, is not an easy task. There are several aspects to consider and many organizational behavior amongst employees and engagement that make up many types of organizational culture.

These include:

  • The story of the company’s inception
  • The organization’s mandate
  • How social is the company?
  • How are employees rewarded and recognized?
  • What is the main form of communication between employees?

Download our free Organizational Culture Assessment today. 

organizational culture

Used by our own recruiters to help clients to find the Best-Fit match for any position, it will help guide you through answering the key questions required to define what your corporate culture looks like.

Using this information will be hugely beneficial for your recruiters when they are tasked with finding your new hire, regardless of role.

If you’re in need of Executive Search or Placement services to help with your upcoming or current role vacancy, contact our team at TrainingFolks today.



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