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Many job postings you see these days highlight the “great company culture” as organizations try to stand out and compete for top talent -- and retain their best employees. But what does company culture really mean?

One definition is, “Company culture is the personality of a company. It defines the environment in which employees work. Company culture includes a variety of elements, including work environment, company mission, value, ethics, expectations, and goals.”1  Team Building Tips from your training company.

Building a company culture starts at the top. A company can say they have a strong culture, but actions speak louder than words. Leadership must demonstrate the values in their mission and vision statements.

A Gallup article outlines four groups that are key to designing your culture:

  • Leadership creates the vision, makes it a priority and sets the example.
  • Support teams such as HR set policies and procedures to “bring the culture to life”.
  • Management delivers on culture to the employees placed in their care.
  • "Champions" are employees not formally identified, but who are natural influencers and can rally other employees.2

Culture "is a pervasive force that influences how people work together, how decisions get made, which behaviors are rewarded and who gets promoted. Employees and teams who align with their organization's culture consistently perform better on internal key performance metrics than those who do not."

People are Key to Culture

One of the most important aspects of company culture is, of course, the employees. Every organization is comprised of many types of people – extroverts and introverts, people who like to collaborate in teams or work independently, varying personalities, age, ethnicity and values.

How can you get a team of diverse individuals in your organization to work together as one cohesive whole to support the company culture and each other? When you have many unique work styles and personalities, it isn't always easy.

To help build better relationships among team members and improve engagement, cooperation and productivity, consider the Everything DiSC Workplace® Profile.

Using a research-validated learning model, the profile outlines the four DiSC styles and offers insights tailored to participants, providing an in-depth 20-page report. A trained DiSC Facilitator will come to your company to run a workshop that explores the styles and how they can work better together.

The profiles allows employees to:

  • Discover their personal DiSC style
  • Increase self-knowledge – how they respond to conflict, what motivates them, what causes them stress and how they solve problems.
  • Compare styles with their colleagues and understand the similarities and differences.
  • Learn tools and techniques to improve relationships in the workplace.
  • Facilitate better teamwork and minimize conflict.

To find out more about the information contained in the profile, download a sample profile now.

Everything DiSC Workplace Sample Profile

Building better teams who are working together toward a common goal will help create the positive behaviors that support the creation of your ideal company culture. 


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