Telehealth Training – Top Learning Modalities to Use

Posted by Rachael Jones on Mar 10, 2021 9:30:00 AM

Best Learning Modalities for Telehealth Training

A popular method of Telehealth Training is eLearning, but do you know where to begin? Download your FREE copy of 'Your eLearning Dream Team' to get started!


Patient and provider demand for telehealth services is on the rise today especially during a public healthcare pandemic. This demand for telemedicine means that many providers require adequate training when it comes to the provision of effective virtual healthcare services.

Telehealth supports remote healthcare over long distances to educate patients and address their healthcare needs.

There are many benefits that come from using telehealth practices. This method is a way for workers in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries to deliver effective healthcare solutions without occupying the same room as your patients.

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Top 5 Tips for Medical Device Training

Posted by Rachael Jones on Feb 24, 2021 9:30:00 AM

Tips for Medical Device Training

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In every business, our employees are our biggest asset. By implementing a robust and engaging training program, you can maximize their potential, boost morale, and reduce employee turnover.

While the present healthcare landscape focuses on efficient delivery of quality patient services, training your employees allows you to meet this need, while also improving their skills to fit the competitive healthcare market.

The last year has been a trying time for the healthcare industry. Creating and developing an engaging medical device training program ensures that your team are at the top of their game, engaged and focused on the task at hand!

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Pharmaceutical Sales Training 

Posted by Rachael Jones on Aug 12, 2020 9:30:00 AM

Pharmaceutical Sales Training 



There may be no other medical industry that changes as much as pharmaceuticals 

That's because new drugs, new medical data, and updates on drug interactions are discovered virtually every day. Therefore, pharmaceutical training needs to keep up with all new regulations that are essential for all pharmacy professionals and sales representatives. 


Custom pharmaceutical sales training is not only mandatory but allows pharmacy professionals and pharmaceutical sales representatives to break down an inherently complex and highly regulated industry. 


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