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Steps For Best Practices When Implementing Instructional Design

Tips from Top Corporate Training Service Provider

instructional design consulting servicesInstructional Design is the art and talent of creating focused training and learning experiences for an initiative or change within an organization.

Learning through experiential activities is critical to evaluating an instructional design.  Employees immersed in understanding and learning the new technology or protocol are more likely to adopt change and implement it.  The discipline of instructional design is focused on creating opportunities for active practice of newly learned skills. 

Unlike passive learning where participants are subjected to dull PowerPoint presentations of that content, an instructional designer adds self-paced, instructor-led training (ILT), web-based training (WBT), and computer-based training (CBT) to support the message.  

Engaging learning activities  begin with these 7 tips for implementing instructional design:

  1. Utilize Subject Matter Experts who have in-depth understanding
  2. Determine objectives for training activities and metrics for success
  3. Develop scope of content for learning needs consistent with objectives and metrics
  4. Structure activities and learning opportunities
  5. Create multi-media learning materials including ILT, WBT and CBT
  6. Develop criteria and metric accomplishment assessments
  7. Adapt materials for multiple learning styles or situations (e-learning versus in-person).

When implemented effectively, a successful instructional design has provable results and accomplishes the task of training.

How are you currently training your team?  Are you using in-house trainers or outsourced experts?  Are you saticfied with your training strategy?  Do you currently monitor progress and evaluate metrics when training?

Our instructional design services can add value to your training initiatives by supplying subject matter experts, state-of-the-art instructional design, and training project management. 

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