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Top 5 Viewed Videos of 2021

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As 2021 comes to a close, we've summarized our top 5 viewed videos of the year. So sit back, relax and enjoy! 

Our top videos of 2021 give us a good insight into what a lot of us were preoccupied with in the year, not surprisingly including Virtual Instructor Led Training, Training Needs Assessment and eLearning ranking high on the list.



Number 5

Help your team with the right Contract Instructional Design Services

Corporate learning and development never ends and when you have a number of training initiatives all with aggressive timelines, your internal teams may simply not be able to do all the work alone. Hiring the right contract instructional designer can help your team and the organization to meet its learning objectives all while staying within budget.


Number 4

Virtual Training Checklist 

Virtual Training was on a lot of our minds this past year! Many have been wondering how can create an engaging Virtual Training Program?
Get our FREE Virtual Training Checklist here

Number 3

LMS Services

Our cloud based Learning Management System or LMS makes it easier to review learner data to identify areas for improvement and streamline your courses. Manage your company’s training requirements by tracking course completion and compliance. Watch the video to learn more! 


Number 2

Get Winning Results with a Training Needs Assessment (TNA)

Achieve higher corporate training engagement, retention and overall positive change with the right employee training. Start with a full training needs assessment to find the real problem and build your corporate training to fill the right gaps in your current and desired situation. 


Number 1

Time for a Corporate Trainer?

Our top viewed video of 2021! Creating the right corporate training for your employees requires focusing on customized learning. Learn more about TrainingFolks' range of corporate training solutions, services and products!



If you would like anymore information on what we have covered in our top viewed videos of 2021, please reach out to the training experts today! 



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