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The Benefits of Virtual Instructor Led Training (ViLT)

Benefits of virtual instructor led training

Modern technologies make virtual training easier, less expensive, and as effective as in-classroom training. 

We're here to help make those benefits a little clearer. We're experts in distance learning and want to share the key learning advantages of the virtual classroom with our prospective clients. 

Whatever you need to teach your employees, whenever you need to do it, virtual training can be the way to go. Ready to learn more about how virtual training can help to improve your business? Then keep reading!

  • Additional Flexibility

One of the fantastic benefits of online classes is how flexible they are. Instead of having to get all of your employees in a classroom, you can carry out virtual training no matter where you or your employees are. Employees can study when they have time, so long as they complete the lessons within the required timeframe. 

Forget having to get all your employees ready to start at the same time, too. You can make your classes open enrolment, letting your staff join whenever they need to.  

Finally, another benefit of Virtual Instructor Led Training is that it also gives employees more time to get to grips with the information that you've given them. ViLT can be carried out over a matter of months, instead of a string of successive days, as there's no need to book out a classroom. This also means that they have more time to ask questions and get help if they need it.


  • Virtual Training is Less Expensive

Keeping an eye on costs is an essential part of running a business. If you need to book out a classroom for weeks at a time, hire a specialist to come in and teach your staff, or even fly the staff out to a training center elsewhere in the country, that's going to put a big dent in your finances. 

Virtual training doesn't require any special equipment nor does it require relocation. This means that Virtual Instructor Led Training can cut down on costs quite significantly. Other savings that can be made thanks to virtual training include: 

  • Less time off work due to shorter lessons over a longer period 

  • More students which cuts the cost per person 

  • No hospitality costs from a training center


  • Students Can Get Instant Feedback 

Attendance is only one part of training. The most important part of any course is comprehension. Yet in a traditional training environment, the Virtual Instructor or Virtual Producer would need to take tests away, mark them, and return them at the next session. 

With ViLT, you can set up tests and even small exams that your employees can take whenever they need to. You can set up these tests to return feedback to the students immediately. This means that they can start improving any weaker areas right away, without wasting that precious time between lessons.


  • Virtual Classes Enable Better Communication

Virtual learning doesn't mean that there's no communication between students. In fact, it can often make student communication far easier. For instance, you could set up a discussion board and require your trainees to contribute a post to the board every week, offering up any ideas and questions they may have. 

There's no time limit on these discussions, either. If your students need a little more time to get their heads around the material, the end of a class doesn't mean they can't talk to other students. This extra time to formulate questions and discussions gives rise to better communication and better results. 


  • Improved Technical Skills

Virtual Instructor Led Training gives your employees a huge advantage for future training sessions.  

This is because ViLT teaches other transferable skills. IT skills are one of the most important areas for employees to have and these skills aren't nurtured in a traditional classroom environment. If you employ a virtual training company to set up a virtual classroom and offer technical support to you and your employees, you will bolster their computer skills. 


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