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How a Virtual Producer Improves Your Corporate Training

Corporate Training
Now that so many workplaces rely on remote employees, organizations need to ensure that virtual training programs run smoothly. Virtual Producers, also called remote producers or virtual collaboration specialists, support virtual training delivery.

Virtual Producers specialize in the technical side of virtual training programs and events. They work with other stakeholders in the training program, like course designers, virtual instructors, and facilitators, to gather materials, configure software, provide instructions, and troubleshoot any issues that arise during and after corporate training.



How can your organization’s training programs benefit from hiring a Virtual Producer?

Support Virtual Instructors and subject matter experts (SMEs)

Virtual events have a lot of moving parts, from developing content to configuring software. Without a strategy to manage the virtual delivery components, your instructors are likely wasting valuable instruction time scrambling to run the training session. A Virtual Producer takes care of many tasks, such as setting up the virtual classroom environment, managing live polls and breakout rooms as well as other tasks that support the instructor.

Improve employee satisfaction and retention

In the post-pandemic job market, it is increasingly difficult to find and retain talent. More employees also expect flexibility when it comes to remote working options. Running virtual training programs for your new employees can give your training department the flexability to train when it is required. A Virtual Producer gives you the expertise and resources needed to deliver better remote training and coordinate virtual events. This provides more flexibility in today’s job market and allows you to retain employees.

Provide higher-quality virtual training and events

Virtual Producers are experts at virtual instructor led training (vILT) events. You can also find Virtual Producers with a variety of different experiences. By engaging a contract virtual producer with a skill set that fits your organization, you can provide higher-quality virtual corporate training programs and events that are more engaging and informative for your specific audience. Your online sessions are also less likely to experience interruptions or technical glitches. Virtual Producers are equipped to quickly address any technical issues that do arise.

More than ever, organizations rely on remote workforces and technology. While these offer more flexibility when it comes to virtual training programs and events, organizations can also struggle to manage and coordinate them effectively. Virtual Producers ensure that these events are less likely to experience interruptions, are time and cost-effective, and provide a high learning value for their audience. So if you are running five, or five hundred sessions a week - having a team of contract virtual producers can add great value to the overall learning experience.



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