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What to Include in Leadership Development Training

Leadership Development Training

Since 2020, organizations have learned the value of adaptability. As more businesses embrace hybrid work environments and digital transformation, their employees need effective leaders to navigate big changes.

Leadership development training is a comprehensive program designed to improve corporate leadership skills. By prioritizing leadership skills, organizations can not only increase productivity but also improve employee retention and foster business growth.

Here’s why leadership development training is important for your organization and what skills to consider in your training program.

Why is leadership development training important?

There are several reasons why leadership development training is valuable. To start, it provides foundational leadership skills for standard business functions like hiring, project management, and conflict resolution. Leadership skills are also crucial for higher-level business activities like strategic planning.

Additionally, leadership development training increases productivity, providing the skills needed to support and engage team members. Effective leaders understand how to recognize and address employee challenges, seek and implement employee feedback, foster collaboration, and support skills development—which all improve productivity and business growth.

The pandemic has drastically changed how employees navigate work environments. Leadership development training also helps team leaders foster collaboration and communication skills in an increasingly remote-friendly workforce.

Lastly, leadership development training Improves employee retention. Turnover costs are high—from one-third to one-half of an employee’s annual salary. Skilled leaders are equipped to provide engaging work environments that are more likely to attract and retain talent, which is crucial in today’s competitive hiring market.

What skills should you include in leadership development training?

  1. Conflict resolution

Conflicts are an inevitable part of the workplace—but leadership development training can help employees manage conflict effectively. Training usually covers emotional awareness, recognizing early warning signs to deescalate conflict, facilitating conflict resolution, and integrating lessons learned.

  1. Adaptability

Change is a fundamental part of business operations. Leadership development training gives leaders the skills to be flexible and help their teams adjust to new changes—like mergers, new software, or hybrid work environments.

  1. Creativity and problem solving

Organizations must foster creativity to innovate and differentiate from competitors. Creativity is a soft skill that anybody can learn and helps leaders solve problems, promote teamwork, and increase productivity. Giving leaders space to develop and practice creativity also attracts talent and reduces turnover. Leadership development training can promote brainstorming sessions, research skills, and problem-solving simulations to teach leadership creativity.

  1. Virtual leadership

Leaders can still be influential in remote work environments. Virtual leadership training fosters the skills needed to promote skills development, teamwork, communication, and relationship-building within increasingly remote teams.

  1. Project planning and delegating

Leadership development training gives employees the skills needed to navigate projects. This involves:

  • Understanding project goals and requirements

  • Knowing how to delegate tasks to the right team members

  • Determining new skills and resources needed to complete the project

  • Scheduling a project timeline

  • Tracking project progress

  1. Team engagement and support

Now that employees are shifting to hybrid workplaces, effective leaders need to ensure that employees are engaged and connected more than ever. Leadership development training provides the skills needed to foster teambuilding and provide ongoing support and skills development. These skills are crucial for building workplace culture and promoting productivity.

The payoff

About a third of new employees that leave within the first 90 days blame unsatisfactory management. By investing in leadership development training, organizations can give managers and other internal leaders the skills needed to engage employees, drive business growth, and avoid the costs associated with insufficient leadership


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