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How to Create an Engaging eLearning Experience From Top eLearning Development Companies

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Whether you are just planning for your first eLearning training program, or have been in the eLearning space for years, creating an eLearning experience that has a lasting impact on the learners should be the goal.

When eLearning courses are engaging, learners are more motivated to apply the techniques and suggestions in their day-to-day lives and learn more effectively.

Here are 6 things you should consider when creating eLearning programs to ensure that they are interesting, motivating, and engaging.

1. Know your audience

The goal of your eLearning should be to increase your audience’s understanding of the content and to improve their capabilities. Really taking the time to understand who your learners are, as well as their characteristics, learning behaviors, habits, and needs, will help you create content that connects and resonates with them on a deeper level.

Developing an understanding of their backgrounds, capabilities, and preferences will enable you to create an eLearning experience that truly sticks with them.

2. Keep modules short

Twenty minutes can seem like a lifetime. Due to advancements with technology, it’s a lot harder keeping people’s attention. The quickest way to disengage your audience is by overwhelming them with too much content. It would be best to organize your content into different sections with quick exercises in between as a refresher.

Also remember to not include too much text on one slide. Data overload can cause confusion and can quickly turn your learners off from finishing the rest of your course. Keep your slides crisp and to the point.

3. Provide flexibility

Work schedules are busy, and learners may not have a lot of time to sit down at their desks and devote hours to going through an eLearning experience. In the age of remote work and advances in technology, learners will appreciate having the flexibility to access courses on any device, wherever and whenever they need to.

Flexibility also provides learners with the advantage of learning at their own pace, ultimately leading to better knowledge retention, thus producing better results.

4. Make it visually appealing

Have you ever opened up an eLearning course and wondered if it was created 20 years ago? An outdated course design will make you want to exit as fast as possible. This is because we respond well to quality design.
A visually appealing and aesthetic eLearning course can greatly contribute to likelihood of keeping your learners engaged.

Choose quality images, animations and videos. Use a clean, readable font and embrace the white space – less is more! Selecting the right color scheme is also important since colors have the ability to convey emotion and tone.  

5. Make it interactive

Adult learners love to explore and discover information for themselves. For instance, you can have your learners click on certain interactive words or items that lead to clues. You can create interactive quizzes or games that help reinforce learning.

This will help the learners “pull” information for themselves rather than being “pushed” the information. It will also present your learners with a safe trial and error environment.  

6. Keep it real

Remember that you are trying to appeal to real adult learners in a corporate environment. Use scenarios, graphics, and videos that depict some of the realities and challenges that they may be facing in their day-to-day workplace. This could include creating role-playing scenarios that allow learners to make decisions for themselves as well as the outcome of those decisions.

Ask your subject matter experts (SMEs) to share stories with you about real people who have encountered real scenarios that you would encounter on the job.


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