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What is the Role of a Virtual Training Producer?

virtual training producer

A Virtual Training Producer is the technical and overall driving force of support behind successful online training. If your next initiative involves utilizing Virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT) sessions, you likely need a Virtual Producer. They provide full support for the facilitator, the participants, and administer the virtual delivery platform throughout the session.

A good Virtual Training Producer must have a solid understanding of the virtual delivery platform. This includes complete knowledge of the features, functions, and capacities. Also, they must make all preparations for a smooth and seamless live classroom environment


Services that Virtual Producers Are Trained to Provide

During live training, your Virtual Producer is prepared to manage and monitor the entire classroom environment. They can also assist the facilitator with all moderating aspects and with interactive segments. They supply participants with details about using any tools and provide technical troubleshooting as needed.

When selecting a Virtual Producer, it's important to understand their level and expertise.

Virtual Producer: Level I

Virtual Training Producers with Level I training are prepared to perform the setup and testing of a virtual learning space. They can test all aspects of its suitability for conducting a live event. They also preform configuration, distribution and placement of interactive elements.

Level I Virtual Training Producer also provide the following:

Initiating technology checks with Virtual Instructors and other presenters to ensure functionality.

• Confirm training session timing and all transitions are working as expected

• Oversee the delivery of virtual events and supply required technical advice and instructions. They can track timing and ensure precision deployment of interactive elements, offering all the required support

• Record and provide playback and full reporting details if required

Experience needed to qualify as a Level I Virtual Producer includes three years of running and managing live events. These training sessions and other events will be for corporate clients, their staff members, and audiences. At this level, Virtual Producers must be proficient in their knowledge and navigation of virtual delivery platforms needed for managing session content and interactive elements.

Additionally, a Level I Virtual Producer will have the skills to:

• Supply users with best practice support and advice

• Master troubleshooting skills that can solve common problems

• Have excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Virtual Producer: Level II

Virtual Producers with Level II training are capable of ensuring the success of all technical aspects of virtual events. They are required to have great knowledge of the delivery platform, including all features, functions and drawbacks.

In addition to the Level I skills, Level II Virtual Training Producers work with the facilitators to engage in the classroom environment with the students.

They can skillfully manage and oversee a smooth delivery of the session. They can assist with all interactive elements and moderation tasks. They are prepared to supply the participants with specific instructions concerning the use of any helpful tools. In addition, they can identify and troubleshoot any technical problems that may arise.

Additional live session preparation that these Virtual Producers can provide includes the following:

• Oversee content rehearsal to ensure good session timing and execution of transitions and interactive elements

• Coordinating check-in periods prior to an event to assure all presenters and session participants of ultimate session results and benefits

• Offer technical advice and instructions for events, monitoring timing and ensuring good deployment of all technical session delivery

• Moderating sessions and supplying all needed technical support

• Supplying the client with session playback and reporting data after each session

To quality as Level II, Virtual Producers must have over three years of experience operating live Virtual events. These may be live training sessions or other events for corporate clients and their staffs or audiences. They also must have performed hands-on management while hosting a Virtual event.

They must also be able to consult with clients to offer expert guidance on the best methods for attaining objectives. They need to reveal easily how specific goals and objectives can be achieved with the use of the features and functions available.

Role of a Virtual Producer in Online Training

The Virtual Producers role in Virtual Instructor Led Training (vILT) is very important. While creating part of the training session content, the Virtual Producer also obtains additional content from instructors and course designers.

The Virtual Instructor combines all of this collected content. They create a cohesive training session that is easy to understand and gain value from. Afterward, they carefully review every part of the content, including links, pop-up windows, videos, graphics, images, and interactive features. If all elements are functional and flow seamlessly throughout the presentation, it is time for the next step.

Before the training session begins, the Virtual Producer assumes the role of Virtual Instructor. They do this to be ready to resolve questions or issues that may arise for any employees during the training. In this way, interruptions and delays in the session can be avoided, enabling the training to take place smoothly and efficiently. They can take the reins and proceed with the training if the Virtual Instructor is experiencing technical issues.

How Virtual Producers Improve the Learning Experience

With their excellent proficiency at navigating delivery platforms to coordinate and manage content, Virtual Producers enhance learning. They ensure that all training session contents, including interactive elements, operate seamlessly to create a great training presentation. By stepping in during the session to resolve technical issues or questions that arise, they also assist participants in learning.


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