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What are the benefits of hiring a Contract Instructor?

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If you are a business leader, you may be wondering if it is worth your time and money to engage a contract instructor. After all, you could continue to work with your on-staff team, but there are several benefits to engaging a contract instructor that you may not have considered.
What is a Contract Instructor?
A contract instructor or contract trainer is someone you engage to provide instruction or training project on an ongoing basis. They are not considered regular employees and do not have any long-term commitments to your business. They are only contracted to do the work you need them for. They may teach the classroom in-person or virtually for a few hours, days, or several months. It all depends on what your business needs at that time.

What are the Benefits?

Instant Impact
One of the best things about engaging a contract trainer is seeing an immediate impact. They can start providing instruction or training immediately, which can help your business run more smoothly. Often times these instructors will have subject matter or industry knowledge that can often reduce the amount of time for a train the trainer activity. Imagine launching SAP or Workday and having to train your trainers on the new software. Engaging a contract instructor ensures you get an expert on board immediately.

Once engaged, a contract instructor can impact your business quickly, as they can start providing instruction or training immediately.

Fresh Perspectives
Another benefit of a contract trainer is bringing a fresh perspective to your employees. Engaging a new person forces your team members to see things from different perspectives and approaches. It gives them new insights into their jobs that they may not have been able to get from someone within the company.

In addition, a contract trainer can help keep your employees up to date on the latest industry trends and changes. They can provide your team with new ideas and approaches that can help them improve their performance.


A contract trainer can also be very flexible when it comes to their work. They can work on short notice and are often available for last-minute assignments. This flexibility can be beneficial if your needs change quickly or have an unexpected surge in business.

In addition, a contract trainer is usually willing to travel. This means that you can contract one to provide instruction or training at your company's office, as well as take them along with you if you need to do on-site training away from the central location. Many are also well versed in vILT and can deliver training remotely if required.

Increased Employee Motivation and Productivity

A contract trainer can also add significant value to your company to increase employee motivation and productivity. Their presence can provide your employees with a source of inspiration and motivation to help them do their best work every day.

In addition, contract trainers often have a lot of energy and enthusiasm. They are passionate about their work and enjoy developing others. This positive attitude can rub off on your employees and help to increase their morale and to provide an engaging and motivating training program.

Global Scalability

A contract instructor can also offer global scalability. This means that you can engage a contract trainer to work for your company from any location in the world. 

In addition, a contract instructor is also familiar with different local cultural norms and approaches to instruction. This can be very helpful if you need training or instruction in other countries. They can help ensure that the training is adapted to the local culture and that employees can effectively understand and use the new information.

Engaging a contract trainer can bring many benefits to your company. They can provide your team with new ideas and approaches that can help them improve their performance. They are highly skilled and experienced in their field, leading to increased employee motivation and productivity.


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