Posted by Ashley White on Dec 4, 2014 8:30:00 AM

When it comes to building employee engagement, success and satisfaction onboarding is a crucial piece of the puzzle.  Our research has shown that there is a clear correlation between effective onboarding and72915-images-blog_-_how_to_not_get_a_business_meeting-resized-600 72915-images-blog_-_how_to_not_get_a_business_meeting-resized-600improvements in employee performance and reductions in turnover.  Creating a robust onboarding program can be daunting and you may find you need to enroll the help of highly experienced training consultantsA review of our best practices suggests the following activities as a foundation for managers as they embark on the journey of creating an effective onboarding program for their employees.


Watch our video “Mission:  Effective Onboarding” and tailor our onboarding checklist to fit your organization’s needs.



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