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Successful Employee Onboarding Process

 Successful Employee Onboarding

When hiring a new employee, make sure you get started on the right foot! Get our FREE download 'Employee Onboarding Checklist' for a step by step guide.

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Employee onboarding plays an integral role in employee retention and helps new employees feel welcomed within your organization. Many companies have some type of onboarding experience, but few employees would refer to it as great.

The employee onboarding process is the first step in welcoming new team members and can often make or break the likelihood they will stay. According to the Society for Human Resource Management, employee turnover can be as much as 50% in the first 18 months of employment.

A successful employee onboarding process ensures new team members gain clarity on their roles and what is expected of them, and prevents them from leaving as soon as they can!

Benefits of Having an Onboarding Plan:

Stronger Employee Experience

The first day at work for new employees plays a vital role in their productivity and overall satisfaction. Many employees are apprehensive about their first day, so taking the time to ensure they feel welcomed and have a clear schedule in place is the first key step. There is nothing worse than starting at a new job, and having nothing to do.

Onboarding allows new hires to feel welcome in the organization and shows that they did not make a mistake in accepting the job! The process allows the new employee to adapt to new working environment, meet new people and ensure that they feel the job meets their expectations.

Onboarding shows your new hire that your business is well organized, and provides a platform for them to develop their career and succeed at your organization. The process also allows you to visualize the employee’s journey in your business and determine how their expectations will evolve over time. Whether you conduct your employee onboarding in person or virtually, getting started on the right foot ensures you are setting yourself up for success.

Higher Employee Engagement

Onboarding focuses on increasing a new employee’s commitment to working for you and helping the business achieve its objectives. The process ensures new employees feel committed and motivated to work with enthusiasm, focus their efforts on the business, and navigate various challenges.

Through onboarding, employees feel and see themselves as part of the team and often strive to go the extra mile. This way, they can cultivate a sense of personal accomplishment when helping the business achieve its goals.

Better Employee Retention

Creating a welcoming, and structured onboarding process is a great way to ensure your new hires come back for their second day! After working to hire a new team member, the last thing you want is for them to leave shortly after starting. Onboarding increases the chances of an employee returning to work after their first days on the job, and staying to become a productive member of the team. 

The process aims to help employees feel welcomed, appreciated, and show them that they have a purpose. Onboarding ensures that new employees adopt the company culture and associate themselves with the business to become long-term members of your team.

Stronger Company Culture
Onboarding allows new employees to familiarize themselves with your culture and values. It helps newbies build relationships with other employees and ensure they feel welcome and comfortable to work as part of the team. It helps create a support system for new employees that will help to eliminate their anxiety during their first few days of work. Thus, it helps to create a connection and relationship with other employees based on trust and inclusion.

Increased Productivity
Onboarding allows employees to feel like part of your team and know what is expected of them. It involves providing new members with the tools and training to commit to their roles and help the business meet its objectives. When new employees feel welcomed, appreciated, and included, they will work hard with commitment and focus on helping your business succeed.

Steps to Employee Onboarding Success

There are a few key ‘must haves’ in planning for successful Employee Onboarding.

1. Prepare your team for New Employees
New employees don’t have to feel like strangers and have a hard time around the office or feel awkward on video calls. Inform your staff about new additions to the team in advance of them starting. Think about creating a buddy system – where you team your new employee up with a seasoned staff member, who can provide assistance and support. 

2. Have the New Employee’s Workstation or Equipment Ready
This might sound like a no brainer, but it happens more often than you think. Ensure that your new employees have everything they need to get started. Ensure their workspace is ready, that you have their laptop, cell phone and all relevant software or passwords ready. If they are working virtually, organize a meeting to give them the equipment or software access they need. If you are mailing items, make sure you allow plenty of time, so they receive it on time. Your new hire should be able to hit the ground running on day one with software access, passwords, and have all equipment needed. 

Doing this shows new employees that you look forward to working with them and ensure they feel welcomed to your organization. Not being prepared will often leave your new hire with a bad first impression.

3. Make Introductions
Give the new employees a chance to introduce themselves and say a few words. This way, they can familiarize themselves with their colleagues and create meaningful work relationships. This can be in person or through a video conference and ensure the employee feels welcomed and appreciated even if your team are working remotely. You can also have your new employee book one on one calls with key members of your team. This is a great way to make introductions, and get to know the people on the team.

Regardless of the position you are filling, getting new hires to become valuable contributors relies heavily on your onboarding strategy. TrainingFolks can help you design a system for onboarding new employees that will improve retention, effectiveness, and satisfaction of these new hires.


When hiring a new employee, make sure you get started on the right foot! Get our FREE download 'Employee Onboarding Checklist' for a step by step guide.

Download 'Employee Onboarding Checklist' to get started!

employee onboarding checklist



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