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How Can I Improve the Value of Salesforce Training?  

Salesforce training

You’ve decided to use Salesforce, great! But do you know how to use it? 

Helping organizations grow and thrive is what Salesforce does. Think of Salesforce as the command center for your business - a customer relationship management platform (CRM). Salesforce provides a solution to manage your sales, marketing, customer service and more, all in one place! 

Customer relationship management (CRM) technology is the backbone of the modern B2C and B2B business. Salesforce is the world's leading cloud-based CRM, providing a platform that helps companies develop to increase efficiency and structure.  

Released into the market in the late 90's, Salesforce quickly took the lead as one of the most innovative CRM solutions available. With integrated functionality across a variety of industries, their mission is to connect companies and customers. 

As a leading Salesforce training provider, our mission is to build a higher performing workforce. With so many benefits to the modern Salesforce platform, you may be missing out on a lot if you don't learn the key functions of this powerful software. 


Developing Custom Content to suit your needs 

Like any comprehensive platform, you'll need to know how to use it efficiently to get the most out of it.   

TrainingFolks offers a variety of custom training programs, including Salesforce custom end user training. 

While having system understanding is important, it is even more important that your employees understand how the system is setup for your business processes. 

To be successful at deploying your Salesforce CRM training program, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach.  

Training should be based on the roles of your employees and can be delivered in a variety of methods: 


Use a custom approach that is created by Instructional Designers to create a training program and materials that meet the specific needs of your company.  


Some best practices include the following:

  • Using real life situations

  • Addressing expected behaviors

  • Value propositions for learners

  • Skills checks

  • Development activities that ensure future success 


Let's take a closer look, with a real-world Salesforce training example: 

Imagine a customer service rep takes a call from a customer, the rep needs to input the call information into the companies Salesforce CRM. There were multiple areas that needed to be updated, but the rep was only able to capture a few parts of the conversation and didn’t input all the important details from the call into the system. Some of the information was not entered and when the individuals in other departments went to open the data, they had to reach back to the customer service rep and ultimately the customer for clarity.     

You can imagine how frustrated the customer was having to re-explain the situation to another rep. Lack of training by the customer service rep and their manager was the downfall of this experience as they both had basic skills in Salesforce.   
It doesn’t have to be this way! Give your employees the skills they need by providing training that is relevant and timely. 

Every business is different, remember it is critical to build role-based training, that is specific to the individual’s needs. For example, a salesperson must manage new opportunities through sales funnels, which is different than our customer service rep example. The training should be unique to their position. 

Also remember Salesforce will continue to “update” its software with the latest features. While these features can add tremendous benefits to your company, they can also be a source of frustration to the employees if they haven’t been trained on the new changes. An example would be delivering Salesforce Lightning training to your team. 


Training Delivery 

Having qualified Salesforce trainers will allow for a better learning experience either in the classroom or virtually.  When training is engaging and interactive it ensures high rates of adoption. Based on your office culture, learners and preferences, there are many ways your training experiences can be delivered. 

Experience Salesforce Training Provider Benefits 

Ultimately, the benefits of using the services of a Salesforce training company can be boiled down to one thing: expertise. There's a reason this platform is one of the leading names worldwide. However, it makes no difference if your employees aren't equipped with the skills to use it properly. 


Interested in learning more about corporate training services to help your business achieve more? Check out some of our other insightful industry blogs or get in touch with us today to find out more. 


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