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Best Training Companies Speak Out: Uncover Your Training Blind Spots

Blind spot (noun) – a place or area where vision is completely or partially obscured or hearing is difficult or impossible.  How do you uncover your company's training blind spots?  You must look at your training offerings honestly, invite feedback and be willing to make changes.  

Many training consultants suggest training delivery methodologies have undergone changes in recent years.  There may be  new solutions to make your training have more impact, yet still keep your training budget under control.  It's important to pause from time to time, to consider if you are getting the most out of your training investment or if you are suffering from any of these training blind spots. 

Identify your critical blind spots:

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  1. Lack of Flexibility - The training must be delivered one way, or one time, with no other options, regardless of the topic. No matter what the learner has going on they must take the training as designated or the learning will falter.
  2. Geographical Access Dilemma – Many learners are not near corporate headquarters therefore they may not receive the same training, with the same consistency or to the same degree.
  3. Sky Rocketing Training Costs – You pay for development, pay for the materials, pay for a team of trainers, pay travel costs and then you pay for employees' time. You lose out on productive work to find out the training was not effective.
  4. The One-Size-Fits-All Training Approach – Your learners are all very diverse, but they all are receiving the same training, the same way.


One of our senior learning advisors from our Toronto training company office suggest: If any of the above sound familiar, you have uncovered a training blind spot!  How about turning each of these blind spots around to make them opportunities that will change the way your organization conducts training?


  1. Self-Paced - Replace un-flexible training with self-paced programs that allow learners to have the flexibility go at their own pace.  Additional help may be obtained from Contract Instructional Designers to aide in the conversion or creation of self-paced training programs. 
  2. Outsource Trainers – Reduce time and cost of employee traveling by engaging with training companies that provide local contract training services to the areas where you need them. All your employees can receive the proper training, when and where it's more convenient and cost effective.  Training companies also recognize how daunting it can be to manage trainers in multiple locations and can handle that for you.  It will enable you to focus on the many other things on your to-do list.
  3. On-Site Trainers – Sacrifice the overall cost but not the quality. Bring trainers on-site versus using a costly training center. Scale back trainer expenses and training time by sending out preliminary materials for participants to review prior to arrival.   Keep your supplier list short to build better partnerships and negotiate better rates based on volume, without compromising the quality.
  4. Custom eLearning – Create a custom eLearning solution that’s right for your organization.  Breathe new life into your current training content or develop new programs. Learners are very diverse in their training needs. You can tailor training to the individual learner's needs by way of pre-assessments built right into the custom eLearning modules that move the learner along the path best for them.  This will enable the learner to gain and retain new concepts specific to them and a lot more efficiently. 


If you need an unbiased opinion to improving your training offerings, you can consider hiring external performance consulting services , which can prove to be a valuable investment to make in your training.

The quicker you uncover your blind spots, the quicker you can transform them into opportunities to change the way training is viewed and received in your company.  

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