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What should you Look for in a Corporate Instructor for
Global Training Delivery

Corporate Instructor

As businesses expand globally, the need for effective cross-cultural training becomes increasingly important. However, finding the right trainer to deliver this type of training can be a challenge.

Whether you are responsible for training employees in a multinational corporation or a small business with international clients, this blog will provide valuable insights and practical advice for finding the right corporate trainer for global training delivery. 



What is a Corporate Instructor?

Corporate instructors or sometimes referred to as corporate trainers can work in-house, as part of an internal training department, or they can be external consultants who are hired on a contract basis. They help employees acquire new skills, knowledge, and abilities that are necessary to perform their job effectively. They also help employees develop their professional and personal growth.

Corporate instructors may specialize in different areas such as leadership development, technical training, sales training, customer service training, compliance training, and many other topics. They use various methods to deliver training including classroom instruction, Virtual workshops, webinars, coaching, and workshops. Corporate instructors also work with managers and supervisors to assess the training needs of employees and can assist in the design of programs that are tailored to meet those needs.

Duties, Roles, and Responsibilities of a Corporate Instructor

The duties, roles, and responsibilities of a corporate instructor can vary depending on the company and the specific training needs of the people. However, some common responsibilities include:

  1. Identifying training needs: Before delivering a session corporate instructors work with managers and supervisors to assess and understand the training needs of the employees. This can include identifying skill gaps, areas for improvement, and new knowledge or abilities that are required to perform their job effectively.

  2. Delivering training: Corporate instructors deliver training programs to employees. This can include classroom instruction, online courses, webinars, coaching, and workshops. They use a variety of methods to make the training engaging and effective, such as role-playing, case studies, group discussions, and hands-on activities.
  3. Evaluating training: Corporate instructors evaluate the success of training programs and provide feedback to managers and employees on the skills and knowledge gained from the training. They use various methods such as pre-training and post-training assessments, surveys, and interviews to gather feedback.

  4. Staying current with industry trends and best practices: Corporate instructors stay current with industry trends and best practices in training and development to ensure that the training programs they deliver are relevant and effective.

  5. Providing coaching and mentoring: Corporate trainers may also provide individual coaching and mentoring to employees to help them develop specific skills or improve their performance.

  6. Maintaining records and reporting: Corporate trainers also maintain records of employee training, including attendance, and prepare reports to summarize the training results for management.

What should you look for in a Corporate instructor for Global Training Delivery?
When looking for a corporate instructor for global training delivery, there are several key qualities and qualifications to consider. These include:

  1. Cultural competency: A global trainer should have a deep understanding of the cultural norms and customs of the countries and regions in which they will be delivering training. This includes knowledge of the values, beliefs, and communication styles of the people they will be training.

  2. Language skills: A global trainer should be proficient in the languages of the countries and regions in which they will be delivering training. This will enable them to effectively communicate with employees and ensure that the training is understood and applied.

  3. Experience: A global trainer should have experience delivering training in the desired learning environment.  For example, if delivering a virtual workshop the instructor should have experience working with a virtual producer and a specific virtual platform. 

  4. Certifications: A global instructor should have relevant certifications such as leadership, coaching, or software programs.

  5. Flexibility and adaptability: A global instructor should be able to adapt to different training environments and be flexible when delivering training in different countries or being flexible with work hours to accommodate different time zones.

  6. Strong facilitation skills: They should have strong facilitation skills and be able to lead discussions, manage group dynamics, and encourage participation from diverse groups of employees.

  7. Strong communication skills: They should have strong verbal and written communication skills to effectively convey complex information to employees in a clear and concise manner.

  8. Technical skills: Depending on the specific training needs, they should have relevant technical skills, such as in-depth knowledge of the industry or specific software.

  9. Positive attitude: They should have a positive attitude, be open-minded, and be able to maintain a professional demeanor in all situations to manage a healthy learning environment.

In summary, when looking for a corporate instructor for global training delivery, organizations should look for a person who has cultural competency, language skills, experience, certifications, flexibility and adaptability, strong facilitation skills, strong communication skills, technical skills, and a positive attitude.

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