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The Consequences of Not Providing a Salesforce Trainer

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4 Consequences of Insufficient Salesforce Training

Many companies use Salesforce, a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, to grow their business. But despite their investment, employees underutilize the software and are unclear on its business value. This negates the reason you invested in Salesforce in the first place: to streamline processes and see an ROI.

This is why investing in Salesforce training is crucial for your business. Having Salesforce trainers will not only boost employee adoption rates, but it also standardizes Salesforce processes, improves employee satisfaction, and increases your Salesforce ROI.

Experienced Salesforce trainers and instructional designers can help your business from suffering from inadequate Salesforce training.

  1. High turnover

Employee satisfaction and turnover are heavily influenced by training. According to a 2022 survey by Jobvite, 40% of workers reported a high employee turnover at their organization—which is costly for businesses.

Ineffective software training means employees are probably fighting with the tool rather than using it to optimize their workflow. If an employee relies on Salesforce for much of their tasks, this means they are likely unmotivated and even frustrated in their role, leading to burnout and turnover.

Salesforce training ensures that employees are confident using the software. It also educates users on the software’s value in their role and the business as a whole, which boosts motivation and productivity. Team-wide Salesforce training can also improve collaboration.

  1. Inefficiency

If employees don’t know how to use Salesforce effectively, they are probably spending a lot of their day using the web to learn the tool. While Salesforce training has an upfront time commitment, it improves long-term employee efficiency.

Lack of Salesforce training also means a lack of standardized processes. This causes inefficient employee workflows and communication gaps, which impact overall business productivity. If employees have different levels of Salesforce knowledge and use the tool differently, they will likely spend more time consolidating knowledge and process gaps.

  1. Impacts performance visibility

One benefit of Salesforce training is that it allows your business to standardize Salesforce processes and ensure that usage is consistent. Without this consistency, it’s much harder to monitor employee performance and other business metrics.

For example, say your team is using Salesforce to track pipeline metrics and inform sales and marketing decisions for business growth. If employees aren’t entering data into the system in the same way—or at all—you’re less likely to generate accurate insights and make informed business decisions.

Consistent usage also helps your organization see areas for business improvement and monitor employee skills gaps that can be addressed through further training—like sales outreach or inbound strategies.

  1. ROI losses

Organizations invest in CRM solutions to streamline business processes and increase profits. The ROI from using Salesforce can be huge—but only if employees are using it effectively. Without a robust Salesforce training program, your organization is probably investing a lot of money in CRM software and not seeing a lot of financial benefits.

Salesforce training will not only improve your ROI from using the tool more effectively—it’ll also enhance your investment by keeping employees engaged and minimizing the cost of high turnover.

The payoff

Salesforce is a valuable tool for your organization, supporting business growth by improving organizational efficiency, boosting revenue, and providing reliable data for more informed business decisions. However, these benefits can only be realized if your workforce uses Salesforce consistently and effectively.

By providing sufficient Salesforce training, you can avoid the costs associated with employee turnover, inefficiency, data oversight, and ROI losses.


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