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Tips for Maintaining eLearning - From Top Corporate Training Companies

Top corporate training companies include eLearning initiatives as a valuable tool to share informationeLearning_Maintenance_Questionnaire_Thumbnail_for_blog among remote workers.  Using technology has made creating the program much easier than it had been in the past, yet there are opportunities to reduce the expense of change when it comes to maintaining the eLearning program.

What is often overlooked in the rush to produce eLearning is an ongoing maintenance plan. Who will track content changes? Who will make changes? How will changes be made? How often will changes be required? What impact will this have on learners? What is the cost of maintenance? What happens when it is not maintained?

As part of any eLearning strategy we like to consider the following questions to ensure the eLearning program will be maintained properly - Make sure you are prepared! Download these questions from top training companies today!

eLearning Maintenance Questionnaire

eLearning being self-paced, on the learners’ schedule – and pretty much running independently without outside influences, can become dated without the content ‘owners’ even being  aware. It does not have the luxury of being scrutinized by subject matter experts unless the task has been assigned and continues to be a part of their job function after the project is completed. 

Besides the questions we referenced above, what other questions should be asked? How do these questions help the instructional designers and subject matter experts when it comes time to pulling the content together? 

It is unrealistic to believe that content will never change – even if the content seems solid at first glance, a good upfront maintenance plan (or at least recommendations for maintenance) can provide on-going value to the client even after the project has been closed.

Do you have an eLearning program that needs to be created or maintained properly? We have permanent and contract eLearning Developers that will ensure your project is a successful one! Contact the experts at TrainingFolks today.

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