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Create Your Best Onboarding Program Ever! - Training Companies Onboarding Examples

Fact: One in three people leave organizations voluntarily or involuntarily before the end of the first year. To top it off, 24% of those people leave within the first six weeks!

If you're recruiting new team members, you want to ensure that the support you offer them sets the right tone from the very first day (or even before). Yet all too often, onboarding fails to make the necessary impact.

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Many top training companies have found success by creating a blended learning onboarding training program. Blended learning training programs are invaluable in assisting you when you have a new employee joining your team. As they begin, they seem like a great fit and you are excited about getting them up and running as soon as possible. But, how will they integrate into your work culture without disrupting the business or frustrating the rest of your team? How much time and energy do you spend with them, and how do you avoid the blind risk associated with throwing them Design_Plan-1right into a job?

Most organizations have a one-day blended learning orientation program that includes information about the organization.  Some managers tend to think this takes care of everything and the job is done!  "Orientation" is only the beginning of the onboarding process. What happens after that is well within your control to make your new employee more successful. Corporate training initiatives, when implemented properly, demonstrate that new employees have lots of potential, but often require more initial time, training and coaching that some people don't always have the patience to accommodate, nor have factored into their plans.  If organizations start to think of onboarding as a corporate training program rather than a liability, it becomes clearly evident that all new employees require more than just orientation.  Well implemented corporate training onboarding programs are quickly being regarded as a major catalyst to future success from managers in all industries.

However, creating a robust onboarding programcan be daunting and you may find you need to enroll the help of highly experienced training consultants. A review of our best practices suggests the following activities as a foundation for managers as they embark on the journey of creating an effective onboarding program for their employees. 

Watch our video "Mission: Effective Onboarding" and tailor our onboarding checklist to fit your organization's needs.



Corporate training involves planning and delivering customized training programs to employees at all levels and longevity points.  One-day orientation programs are gradually being recognized as not being sufficient enough to help propel new employees into self-sufficiency.  Well-conceived corporate training programs, taken with a blended learning approach, is to be regarded as an investment, with the return being the transformation that occurred as a result of the training.  As managers begin to understand that the success of their new employees is directly related to how they are onboarded, the more they are realizing the value of a gradual onboarding program. 

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