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Allowing a person to own their experience with a brand creates affinity and fosters a personal stake in the product, service or brand going forward.

This is no different in the workplace where Learning Leaders must find a way to for their product (organizational training) to resonate with their clients (organization-wide learners).Creating customized eLearning experiences has proven to increase overall learner engagement, learner retention and employee productivity and microlearning is the tool to help do this.

In today’s workplace, factors such as millennial and soon to come Gen Z workers, social media, Smart Devices, international locations and remote working all affect the way learning needs to be designed and delivered.

The one-size-fits-all approach no longer resonates with learners and is costing organizations more money in the long run.    

Because of its short format eLearning style, microlearning is highly adaptive and responsive and can be updated quickly within a manageable budget.  It also improves success rates of three key goals of any corporate training initiative.

Creating customized microlearning provides learners with content that they find the most relevant which translates to better engagement. 

When programs are designed keeping the learner not only the content in mind, the overall program becomes more relatable.

Just like Starbucks offers the same latte to everyone but allows someone with Lactose intolerance to choose Soy Milk as an option, a Learning Leader must consider nuances of their learners. 

A key area would be the job title and skill level of learners.  Consider a senior IT Manager and senior Marketing Manager who need to go through training on your new Cloud based LMS.   Chances are the IT Manager will quickly bore and disengage from the training if presented with the same content as the marketing professional who doesn’t have much experience with the LMS at all.

Microlearning also serves up eLearning on any device meaning learners can take their learning on the go or drill down to the specifics that they’re looking for right from their own device 24/7.  It doesn’t get much more engaging than that!

Consider applying new techniques to current training programs to provide for your changing workforce and their learning styles.

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