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Employee Retention Programs

Finding top talent can be a challenge for many companies, but retaining the best employees can also be a struggle.

There are many reasons employees leave – lack of opportunities for career advancement, not being supported by their manager, a negative company culture, or not feeling the company has a sense of purpose are just a few.

To gain a better understanding of why talented employees quit their jobs check out 5 Reasons You’re Losing Your Top Talent. This resource outlines five areas to address to improve the employee retention rates in your organization.

Employee Retention Strategies

With turnover costing companies thousands of dollars each year, depending on the role, investing in employee retention programs makes good sense. Here are three ways companies can reduce turnover and keep employees engaged, productive and happy.

Show Appreciation

Saying thank you and telling employees how much their work is valued is a simple way managers can show appreciation  if they take the initiative to do so. To ensure your employees are receiving the kudos they deserve, consider implementing a formal recognition program.

Results based recognition programs are not difficult to create, execute and maintain if managers and supervisors understand the value behind a truly motivated individual to the overall bottom line.

If it’s time to introduce a new employee recognition program in your organization or to consider updating your existing program download Say Thank You. 8 Steps to Results Based Employee Recognition. It provides a step-by-step framework you can follow to help you achieve success.

Employee recognition program ideas

 Develop Female Leaders

Did you know that organizations with more gender diversity outperform others by 21%?1 If your leadership team is disproportionately male, it could be negatively impacting your bottom line.

Investing in the development of your female leaders will increase performance, productivity, and retention, and can positively affect your overall profits.

To get started, download Storming the C-Suite: Developing Your Female Leaders. This eBook outlines the steps you can take to improve leadership opportunities for women across your organization.

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Set Up New Hires for Success

A major impact of poor onboarding is high turnover, meaning you invest time and money on searching out, interviewing, hiring and training key talent – only to lose them, in many cases, within the first few months.

Stop losing your best employees and set up your new hires for success from day one. Download the Employee Onboarding Handbook: Save New Hires for information on creating an effective employee onboarding program for your organization.

The eBook provides a step-by-step guide to the critical areas to cover in the onboarding process – activities prior to the start date, the all-important first day and through the first month. There is also a handy checklist you can use to plan the onboarding activities for each new hire.

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 1 McKinsey: Delivering Through Diversity

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