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Without exceptional customer service training you could be turning potential customers away and losing your existing ones. 

Download our Exceptional Customer Service Training Checklist created by our top training consultants to help you determine the quality of your current customer service program and how to implement an improvement program based on any gaps.

Customer Service Training  Checklist

Did you know?

  • Satisfied customers tell 4 to 5 others
  • Dissatisfied customers tell 9 to 12 others —
  • Only 4% of dissatisfied customers complain. If you respond within 24 to 48 hours, 82–95% of them will do business with you again

After years of working as industry-leading support managers, our specialized training consultants have noticed the importance of using positive language to avoid accidental conflicts sprung from miscommunication. Even if the change is subtle, the effects can be drastic.

Saying "no" positivelyPositive_Language_ChartIt's imperative to use positivity to enhance your customer service strategy. Even if your staff has the skills and know-how to interact with your customers there needs to be organizational strategies in place that aligns with pleasing the customer. Practice proactive customer service by making your customers happy before they come to you with problems. Here are some ideas:

Have your customer service staff get personal:

Now-a-days with all the automated bots out there, your customers want to feel like shutterstock_12782494-3they have access to real people. Our training consultants recommend taking advantage of social media (Yelp, Facebook, Twitter) to write personal responses to the customers that post on your page. Post photos and bios on your website, and this will show your customers that your customer service team is made up of real people that are working on their behalf.

Have your customer service staff be available:

Making sure your customers can easily get in touch with you is important and part of the personal touch. Having 24 hour customer service support (or at least early and late hours) is especially important when you are handling multiple time zones. Even if your business is primarily online, providing your customers with a personal address will help build trust and provide as a friendly reminder that your organization exists off the internet as well.

Have your customer service team create communities:

Have your customers be treated as a member of your organization's community. This community can be created in numerous ways, social media, trade shows, interactive websites, conventions, and webinars. These communities will allow your customers time to learn from you - and you just might learn from them as well!

Have your customer service team cater to your customers:

Ensure your customer service team is completely understanding and meeting the needs of your customers. One great way to do this is to assign customer service reps to a specific group of customers so they can build strong relationships. Offer discounts and VIP treatment for your organization's best customers to let them know you appreciate their business. Is there any special services they might like? Survey your customers, set up focus groups, and interview customers to ensure that your customer service training program is on track for customer success.

TrainingFolks customer service training programs are customized to meet your organization's specific needs. From technology based companies to call center environments, TrainingFolks' top training consultants will strategically align our customer service training to your business goals.

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