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Does this look like a recent new hire you brought on board?   If so, you're not alone!

Poor employee onboarding continues to be a real issue in organizations worldwide regardless of size.  The interesting thing, is that something that is so critical to the retention, productivity and overall engagement of new hires simply does not receive the kind of attention that it should.



Instead of spending thousands on training to ‘fix’ productivity issues, could time and money be saved by arming new hires with the right tools, resources and coaching to effectively do their jobs starting on day one or even before?

Employee onboarding continues be a hot topic for companies, especially now with turnover being so high amongst the Millennial generation.  The aspects of onboarding that a successful company must cover to create the culture and atmosphere that this cohort demands require a lot of change with many of our clients and will continue to as  they prepare for Generation Z as well.

When looking at onboarding, consider more than simply welcoming the new hire and sitting them down to complete lack luster compliance training or a dated onboarding course.   

Socialization is a large part to making them feel welcome and part of the team.  Orientation is important for them to understand where they are and where they can access things that they may need, including things like the bathroom!  Understanding expectations and goals for their new role and team will help set them up for success. 

Download our free eBook entitled Employee Onboarding Checklist which lays out additional critical factors to consider.

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Another common area that is forgotten by organizations who may have a great initial employee onboarding programs is addressing returning workers like new moms and dads. 

Onboarding after parental leave can make a huge impact on retaining returning employees especially with the stresses of a brand-new baby at home to deal with.  In this case managers need to consider a set of unique factors like flexibility in the workplace, providing an area and time for a new mom to nurse or pump if she is still breastfeeding and a general refresh of the onboarding program to make them feel comfortable again.

If you’re considering revisiting your current onboarding program or realizing that it’s time to seriously create a strong onboarding program for your organization start by analyzing your current situation and identifying the gaps. 

Download our free Needs Assessment Checklist here to get you started.


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