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What Exactly Does Your LMS Do?

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If I asked you about your current Learning Management System (LMS) which of the following would you agree most closely with?

“Our current LMS cannot keep up with our growth.”

“Our current LMS looks dated and isn’t resonating with employees.”              

“We’d like to create more customization, but its much too costly with our current structure.”   

“Our current LMS is not responsive for tablets and Smartphones.”

“Our analytics are getting a lot more intelligent and our LMS needs to catch up.”

“We’ve recently changed IT security protocols and our current LMS doesn’t align.”

“We don’t have an LMS, but it looks like now is the time to start considering one.”

Regardless of which of the situations you find yourself in it may be time to consider revisiting your LMS and looking for a replacement soon.

Unless you’re starting from scratch, analyzing an LMS can be a daunting task however, it is not impossible when you ask the right questions.

Consider all aspects of your organization and the impact that your LMS can have.  You can then start answering critical questions to begin shaping your LMS needs more specifically.

Moving away from your current Learning Management System (LMS) can be a stressful ordeal.

But, if you’ve outgrown your current LMS’s capabilities and now find yourself performing work arounds to get the reporting you require, are dealing with a system that you’ve simply outgrown, need to make your LMS more responsive or are frustrated with the lack of customization available with your current LMS, then the short-term pain will be worth the longer-term gain.

The best way to start planning for your new LMS is to begin writing down all the things that you would like for it to do considering your organizational structure as well as the technological capabilities that you would like for it to have.

To help guide you further download this our free editable worksheet entitled "Creating Your Ideal LMS".


Consider what the purpose of your LMS is and how it can help you not hinder your progression towards creating a winning experience new hires, current employees and your trainers and developers as well. 

Get in touch with the experts at TrainingFolks about your upcoming LMS needs and a complimentary demo today.


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