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Training for Cloud-based Technology Updates? Try Custom eLearning.

custom elearningOne of the advantages of implementing cloud-based technology is that software updates are made automatically by the provider so the service is “always up-to-date” with no need for your in-house IT department to get involved.

One of the disadvantages of implementing a cloud-based technology is that software updates are made automatically by the provider – this means your users may come into the office one day and the system has changed. Depending on the extent of the changes it may be necessary to provide training for the employees impacted.

In some cases, the software provider may offer training – this could be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation with screen shots or a webinar that walks through the changes in the system. If the technology changes are substantial and no training is provided, it may result in a loss of productivity for your company – people don’t want to change the way they have always done things so they figure out a workaround. There may be software enhancements that can make the job easier or streamline processes, but employees won’t know the benefits unless they are trained.

Often the fastest and easiest way to handle training for unplanned software updates is with custom eLearning. Some of the benefits of custom eLearning include:

  • Training can be developed and delivered quickly.
  • It is easily accessible online, giving learners the flexibility of completing the training when and where it is convenient for them.
  • Provides consistent training content for learners throughout the organization, even those in dispersed locations.
  • Allows learning leaders and managers to track who has completed the training.

The best way to prepare for unplanned updates is to establish a strategy before they happen. To assist you, download this “Training Checklist for Cloud-based Technology Updates”. It outlines the steps you’ll need to cover to streamline training and reduce the time it takes to get end-users up to speed.

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When the technology updates are unplanned and the training needs to be created quickly, your in-house learning and development team may not be available to tackle a last-minute project with a tight timeline. Consider hiring a company that specializes in custom eLearning development.

The global experts at TrainingFolks have a vast network of professional contract eLearning developers ready to work on your project. If you need help, contact us.


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