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Leadership Development Training for Your Company  Leadership development training

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Leaders determine the direction a company will take, instill company values in employees, and lead others in achieving goals and objectives.

Leadership is not just a position, but rather a mindset. Leaders coach their teams in creating smarter solutions and build a community of dedicated contributors, create buy-in, and make them feel that their contributions are important and useful to the company.

Despite the benefits, many organizations neglect or don’t have a custom Leadership Development program in place! Achieve the results you want by implementing an engaging Leadership Development Training program.



Leadership Development Training

These sessions are designed to enhance leadership skills and the training include topics such as the following:

  • Communication skills

  • Manager-employee relations

  • Effective time management

  • Empathetic problem solving

  • Improving employee performance

  • Working collaboratively

  • Strategic thinking and decision making
  • Coaching for performance 

Leadership Development Training programs vary in length and scope. However, in the most effective sessions, participants come away with a heightened confidence in themselves, their leadership abilities. They are engaged and motivated to apply what they have learned.


What Are the Advantages of a Leadership Development Program?

By attending effective and well planned Leadership Development programs, leaders or those aspiring to become leaders at any level should experience some of the following advantages:

Increased Worker Productivity

Effective management and company productivity are intrinsically linked. A leader with well developed management and leader skills can coach his or her team to work more efficiently and resourcefully.

Improved Financial Performance

Having highly trained managers can significantly improve your company's bottom line in that they are working more efficiently in leading their teams and making more financially oriented decisions.

The Center for Creative Leadership found companies that highly invested in professional development achieved stock market returns five times higher than those companies that did not do so.

Increased Engagement

According to Gallup, only 33 percent of US workers say they are engaged at their job. If your employees don't feel they have the potential to grow and to advance in their careers, they will become disenchanted and likely move on at the first opportunity.

Good leadership will increase communication and openness which in turn increases engagement throughout the organization.


Increased Competence

According to Forbes, "98% of managers believe managers at their company need more training to deal effectively with important issues such as professional development, conflict resolution, employee turnover, time management and project management."

Leadership training programs can instill a newfound competence in your leaders' abilities and empower them to lead across organizational or geographical divisions.

Improved Teamwork, Interpersonal Relations, and Communication

When a company invests in leadership training for its managers, these professionals learn how to provide constructive feedback, motivate their teams to achieve objectives, and reduce interpersonal conflicts.


Team Building and Real World Problem Solving Ability

Too often,
leaders work in a bubble, seemingly isolated from events happening in other departments of your company. This isolation creates the situation where they are making important decisions without an understanding of how it may impact those outside of their own department.

By offering leadership training, you will help ensure that your company's leadership team is seeing the bigger picture and working effectively with others to solve the real-world challenges that your company faces.


How to Ensure Success of a Leadership Development Program

Sometimes, companies just offer a "check-off-the-box" training session a few times per year. These reactionary types of training are rarely worth the time, effort, or money.

Training Should Be Focused: Your leadership training program should only focus on what you are able to practice in your work environment. It won't benefit your managers to take a "one-size-fits-all" approach and may even breed resentment if they feel they are wasting time. If training talks about changing things out with the participants control, they will likely loose focus.

Be Realistic in Your Approach: Having an understanding of the personal traits of your managers can help lead to better success. For example, training can teach empathy, but if the participant simply has a bad attitude about it, the training won't work!

Ensure Learning has Immediate Application: Objective decision making can be taught in a training session, but the actual application of the material learned must be expected to happen in practice or there is little point to the training.

Strive for Executive "Buy-In": Prior to the training, ensure that the participants understand how the training will benefit them. Explain to them why the training is being offered and what the objectives are. If learners aren't receptive to the training, or think it doesn't apply to them, it won't work. 

Without a doubt, a well planned and executed custom Leadership Development Training program that is focused on realistic expectations can greatly improve the financial health, productivity, and teamwork of an organization while reducing staff turnover and poor communication.


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