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LinkedIn is a tool that is mutually beneficial for both candidates as well as recruiters. It allows candidates to showcase their skills and enables recruiters to find the best fit talent for projects.

Here are several tips to help you enhance your LinkedIn profile so that recruiters can not only find you but make them want to contact you for their next opportunity!

1.  Make your profile searchable

For a recruiter to find your profile, you need to make sure that you’re showing up in their searches. How can you do this? Make sure your profile is complete! Many potential candidates are missing key sections of their profile, such as having an incomplete Summary section, or only having a job title in the Experience section without any details of what was done in that role. Complete as many sections of your LinkedIn profile as possible to increase your chances of being found. The highest status of a LinkedIn profile is known as “All Star”.

Here are some things you can do to help you reach the “All Star” profile status.

  • Add a profile picture
  • Have at least 50 connections
  • Fill out the Summary section about yourself
  • List at least 2 roles that you have had along with their descriptions
  • Add your education
  • Fill out your current Title and Industry

Once you reach the “All Star” status, your profile will push up closer to the top of recruiters’ search results, getting you off the last page!

Another area that will help your profile become more “searchable” is by adding yourself to groups as well as having a good amount of connections. The more connections you have, the higher you will show up in the search results.

2.  Make your profile “Open to Opportunities”

The “Open to Opportunities” feature is extremely beneficial and should become your new best friend. This is a private feature that shows recruiters that you are currently available to take on new assignments, without notifying your present employer. This feature lets recruiters know when you are available to start your next opportunity as well as what types of opportunities you are looking for (full time, part time, contract, remote).

To enable the “Open to Opportunities” feature, simply go to your profile and under the Career Interests section, switch the button to “On”. You can then fill out what types of opportunities you are looking for, allowing recruiters to find the best match for you.

3.  Keep you profile current

While it’s great for recruiters to know what role you held back in 2012, it’s even more useful for recruiters to know exactly what you are doing right now. It would be awkward for both of us if we came to you with a position that may seem like the right fit when it is too junior for you.

Your profile represents who are you. Take the time to share what you have done and what your top skills are.

Ask your peers to endorse you for those skills. Endorsements and recommendations show recruiters that other people find you talented.

Keep these tips in mind and you will be sure to have recruiters contacting you about new opportunities!

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