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How many times have you opened your email inbox to find a new project marked ‘urgent’ just as you were trying to figure out how to keep up with your current initiatives!

You’re not alone. 


Many of our clients here at TrainingFolks have dealt with this and come out on top by simply weighing out their options against their criteria. In more cases than not, the goal is to get the job done as fast as possible at the lowest cost possible regardless of project type which can include:

  • Post merger and acquisition integration
  • Implementing new or upgrading technology
  • Filling leadership talent pipeline
  • Expanding operations or opening a new location
  • Rolling out a new HR or cultural change initiative
  • Complying with new regulations and laws

The first thing we hear clients say when first discussing their needs is that they’d ideally like to use their internal trainers to do the job. 

Of course, that would make the most sense as far as time and budget go. The problem however, is that many training departments are already operating at capacity and having an unscheduled project like a new technology rollout or worse, losing a key resource means there simply aren’t enough bodies to go around. That’s when they start to look at other options and are sometimes surprised at how effective a contract training provider can be.

Stay Focused

With projects on the go and more coming up, taking the time to introduce a new project to a team that is already at its threshold may be easier said than done. Bringing in contract trainers ensures your team can continue to stay focused on their current key deliverables while also allowing you to meet the needs of the requirements of the new project on hand.  

Increase Efficiency

It’s the job of the contract trainer job to provide you with a robust and fully functioning framework to manage your new training program, efficiently deliver that content to employees and also ensure that you are up to speed on progress, and overall user adoption along the way. Taking all of this off your plate means there’s more time to focus on the projects that you’re currently working on and inevitably achieving higher efficiencies across the board.

Show Me the Money

The number one concern for many clients is the cost of bringing in a contract trainer. It’s only after comparing that to the cost of other options like having their internal IT department step in, recruiting a full time trainer or asking the software integrator to provide training where technology training is the topic at hand, that they really see the cost reductions available via contracting out.  At TrainingFolks we’re aware of budgets regardless of scope of the project and work to ensure that goals can be achieved within set dollar amounts. This is due to our global network of experienced contract instructors that can develop eLearning, vILT, ILT or a blended learning program based on scope and budget.

Risk Less Gain More!

As with anything that is done internally, there is always the risk of something failing along the way. This can range from technology issues, to sick days, to the sudden departure of the trainer working on the project. They’re all part of day to day business but why assume the additional risk when you don’t have to? Bringing in a contract trainer ensures that the responsibility to deliver every step of the way remains with them.

Before making the decision there are definitely factors to consider however, where possible, a corporate training provider offers an array of proven benefits which at the end of the day simply makes good business sense!

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