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What are the benefits of an instructional designer?

instructional designer?
The cybersecurity training program has finally been approved, and your executive has flagged it as a priority.

With your learning and development team stretched thin on other projects, you’ve decided the most efficient way to complete this training program is to hire a contract Instructional Designer (ID). If you need to make the business case to management for budget approval, here are seven good points to present.

1. Project-focused. Unlike employees who have multiple tasks and responsibilities to juggle, a contract Instructional Designer will be focused on that one project. The Instructional Designer can devote his or her time and effort to getting the job done, which is especially helpful when working with tight timelines. 

2. Offers specific skills and expertise. If your team is missing a unique skill set for the project, for example, you’re introducing a gamification component, you can find a contract ID with that expertise without having to hire a full-time person.

3. Fast turnaround. When you have a project with a short deadline, you can quickly find a person to start immediately on the project, often the next day. A contract Instructional Designer will also have the flexibility to work on-site with your team or remotely.

4. Easier budgeting. Hiring a contract ID to work specifically on that project makes it easier to align the direct cost to the overall project budget.

5. On-demand instructional design. When you have a training project that needs to be fully managed from needs assessment through designer and development to launch, you can get the expertise you need for the length of the assignment.

6. Find fresh ideas. When your team has been working full out, they may also be getting burned out and running out of ideas to keep your training initiatives fun and engaging. Bringing in a contract ID who has insights and expertise gained from your industry and others could offer the fresh perspective that brings new style and designs, and jumpstarts the creativity of your internal team. 

7. Good value. With all the above benefits he or she brings to the table, an experienced contract ID offers great value for the money. The person can work within your project budget without adding overhead costs.

At TrainingFolks, many of our clients have situations like those described above and are in need of an Instructional Designer to work on their projects for varying periods of time. Whether you need a fully managed project from beginning to end or help meeting the deadline on an existing training initiative, we have a full network of professionals around the globe ready to work on your project, no matter how quickly you need them. Contact us today.

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