Why You Need Cyber Security Awareness Training 

Is Cyber Security Top of Mind For Employees?

Organizations are increasingly concerned with cyber security threats brought on by a number of factors.

When it comes to cyber security awareness your IT department can't do it all.  Employees need to be up to date on your latest cyber security protocols in order to help protect the company from malware infections, phishing attacks, social engineering and more.

Download this free eBook entitled Cyber Security Training_5 Must Dos For Employees Company-Wide from the team at TrainingFolks today.   It provides a snapshot of 5 key areas that employees must be educated on in order to ensure basic safety precautions when it comes to cyber security.

A truly robust and ongoing training program will require an in depth training needs assessment and the design and development of a program that is continuously updated and supported.  If you're in need of further assistance with implementing a strong program to project your organization from cyber attacks, contact us today.


Free eBook_5 Must Dos For Employees-Company Wide

Using an LMS for Compliance Training  

Implementing cyber security awareness training is a never ending endeavour.  A good program continuously adapts to trends in the market place, changes in software and speaks to current and new employees at the level that they need to learn at.

Using an up to date Learning Management System (LMS) can bring several benefits to ensuring successful and seamless compliance training.

Training Content Availability
Your LMS offers a benefit over in-class training when it comes to delivery as well as the tracking and reporting of results. Online training also enables companies to cut down costs associated with repeated face-to-face training sessions.

Make it Personal
An LMS enables the company to provide relevant training to the right employee. When it comes to compliance and risk, redundant information can be draining as well as a waste of resources. In addition, there may be very specific areas that one employee may need or want to learn more about versus a colleague. The LMS provides  personalization for each unique learning path.

Reporting Made Easy
When it comes to compliance training it is critical for the protection of the organization to ensure that employees have completed the required training. A good LMS makes this process easier to track and report on. Completion results be pulled up easily by compliance managers. In addition, employees can quickly be tracked to make sure due dates are met. In cases where compliance training hasn’t been completed an LMS is able to send out notifications quickly and seamlessly ensuring further success overall.

Training Anywhere
Providing compliance and risk training on an LMS means everyone that needs to complete the training can do so, period. With organizational cultures now including work from home, remote working, shared office space and global employees, ensuring timely completion could otherwise be an issue for many companies.

Compliance Training

Download "Create Your Ideal LMS" to see what capabilities your LMS should offer and plan for the right LMS for your organization.  


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